FUMC Service Spotlight: Linda Clark

Linda Clark 1
Linda Clark is a retired associate pastor at First United Methodist Church in Natchitoches. A Louisiana girl all her life, Linda has lived in Natchitoches all her married life, 44 years.

“I love this town, the downtown, the river, the streets, the crepe myrtles, the music, the festivals (especially Christmas), and the history,” she said. ” I can see turtles, alligators, coons, blue herons and so many other varieties of birds from my back yard. My cat Jimmy, an in-and-out cat, found us one day and is a special cat. My treasures are a husband, David, who takes care of me, two amazing daughters, and three precious grandchildren. I am blessed far beyond what I could ever deserve.”

In addition to all this, after an enjoyable 35+ year career in juvenile justice, Linda received the great gift of serving FUMC for 16 years, first as pastoral assistant for small groups, then as associate pastor, and now as a retired associate (which means she’s not on the payroll, and can say “no” anytime!).

“I have been privileged to serve with extraordinary ministers and in a congregation of the most loving, caring, and supportive people I have ever met,” she said. “These people are my friends, my mentors, my support group, all anyone could ever want or need. Unless I pay attention, my car always heads naturally to First United Methodist Church. This is my home and I am so very grateful.”

Linda Clark 2

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