24 thoughts on “WVUE – State Police commissioner accused of fixing tickets, threatening trooper – Calvin Braxton, Sr.

  1. If you are all so concerned about laws what law was broken? None. Everyone who is human seeks a break if they can get one. It’s called mercy. Be careful that you don’t find yourself in a position of needing mercy when you refused to give it you will not find it for yourself. Stay humble and don’t judge especially when it has nothing to directly do with you. Mind your own business and let others take care of their business. Can we do that Natchitoches people? A lot of positive will begin to happen as we love and have mercy for one another instead of hating and devouring one another. Let’s give it a try. Then we will see God’s mighty hand of grace and mercy for us all.

  2. Most of you have missed the most important part of the story – It did not involve getting tickets fix but was the fact that he threatened to use his place on the Board to have the trooper transferred to New Orleans for 60-90 days so he would learn his lesson and look the other way next time.

    • Was said numerous times when the president (of the entire USA) was Black…and keeping the white man down.! Grow up.

    • are you F’ng serious ? it isn’t about color it is Mr.Braxton trying to flap his wings and say look at me,he isn’t nor is anyone else better then the rest of us.
      take the damn ticket and deal with the crime like any other Joe.

    • Just keeping drunk speeders off the road. if the driver hit and killed someone you know,color wouldn’t be a factor!

  3. This is nothing new in Louisiana. And anyone in a similar situation would try to get it fixed. Irony is that Mr. Braxton by being on Commission should NOT have asked. And speaking of IRONY; a law professor named Friedman is leading the March against Braxton!

    • Always about race for some ppl. Look right past the part of the women speeding down the road drunk didn’t you? Drunk driving she didn’t deserve a break no matter what color she is.

  4. I bet if we all listen to the call,it would sound like this : Hello,officer I am
    sure you don’t know me but I own a car dealership and I do believe myself and my family should be above the law so if we can just sweep this dui under the rug I will send a check out A.S.A.P

  5. sounds like Braxtons daughter was caught fare and square for dui,if that
    was anyone else the would have been arrested for dui .I wonder what makes Mr.Braxton think he is above the law ? because he owns a car dealership ? please !!

  6. Braxton said to the trooper “should have known who he was, and he should have given his daughter… professional courtesy, as well as utilized discretion in not arresting her.”

    Pardon me, but if you get one of these I’d like one too. Thanks for making sure nothing good can come out of Natchitoches. Learn Life!

    • Report says it all. And we are supposed to trust our elected and appointed officials when they say “trust us we know what’s best for you”. Most are serving for prestige, power and recognition. We contribute in the form of votes and taxes and they will do the thinking and make the decisions for us.

    • yes and this is the FIRST bad thing to come out of Natchitoches right???? yall are killing me with this crap….this has been going on forever now it’s a problem hell yall named a baseball field after a kid that committed suicide!!!!!

      • That went a little to far, and has NOTHING to do with this situation. You apparently do not know the whole story. Why don’t you find out the facts, before blabbing your mouth. AND think about his family and friends that very well may be reading this!!

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