Natchitoches man arrested during incident at Courthouse, NPD Chief received injury requiring stitches

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Hamilton Bynog, 41 of Natchitoches, was arrested on multiple charges resulting from an incident at the Natchitoches Parish Courthouse July 18, according to the Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The incident began at 3:21 pm, when a courthouse alarm alerted deputies of a disturbance on the first floor. Bynog was attending a child custody hearing. During court proceedings he became upset over a ruling, left court and exited the courthouse.

Shortly afterwards, Bynog allegedly ran back into the courthouse where he encountered his ex-wife, child and a court bailiff who was escorting them from the courtroom. A scuffle ensued between the bailiff and Bynog as the bailiff attempted to protect the ex-wife and child.

The scuffle continued as Natchitoches Police Chief Mickey Dove and others were leaving a 911 board meeting. Dove immediately engaged to assist in the disturbance and while doing so received a laceration to his right eye.

During the struggle Bynog was told to comply, but he continued resisting. The bailiff deployed a Conducted-Electrical Weapon (CEW) to gain control of the suspect.

Dove was treated at the Natchitoches Regional Medical Center,  receiving three stitches to his right eye. Bynog was transported to the NRMC for observation. He was then booked into the Natchitoches Parish Detention Center and charged with 1-count of Aggravated 2nd Degree Battery, 1-count of Battery of a Police Officer, 2-counts of Resisting an Officer, and 1-count of Disturbing the Peace. Bynog was released July 19 on a $50,000 appearance bond.

Deputies say some video accounts of the incident have been circulating on social media.One such video shows Dove walking up on the incident as he was leaving his meeting.

“It’s just something that shouldn’t have happened,” he said.

Sheriff Jones stated that the Sheriff’s Office takes courthouse security seriously for the protection of employees and the public.

“We are fortunate that Chief Dove and others were in the immediate area to engage and assist in Tuesday’s incident which could have easily lead to other consequences,” said Jones.

16 thoughts on “Natchitoches man arrested during incident at Courthouse, NPD Chief received injury requiring stitches

  1. Not defending the man’s actions, but until someone has taken your children away from you, then you don’t know WTF you would do, so cut the crap.
    You love your kids unconditionally, right?
    You’d sacrifice your own life to protect them, right?
    …but you expected this man to just walk away as if he doesn’t have those exact same feelings towards his own children.

  2. I agree. So many men think hitting a woman will keep a woman. But this day in time women have learned how to protect themselves. I don’t feel sorry for men when women put a bullet in them to stop them from putting their hands on them. They have mom’s and female family members and I know they wouldn’t like it if a man puts his hand on them. I’m so glad me and my husband taught our boys to never put your hand on a woman!!!!!!

  3. Bynog obviously felt like he was disrespected and/ or treated unfairly. I have felt that same way, in that same building. However, the way he reacted was inexcusable, and could’ve ended WAYYYY worse…. Keep your head up, fella. Count your blessings.

  4. I am the X wife. Please refrain from posting things that the public assumes that happened. He has 2 kids that need him. Please respect them in this time of their lives. What everyone really needs to do is say a Prayer for all that is involved and not bash anyone.

    • I agree with Deanna. You don’t know what really happened and you will only hurt his family. Does anyone know for a fact who he was upset with? Maybe he was trying to get by the bailiff to re-entry the courtroom. Who knows what he was thinking? These comments reminds me of how people jumps to conclusions about our President. It is so ridiculous for anyone to try to boycott his business when he needs his income to support his sons. He does a great job and his sons are on the job helping when they can. That alone tells you that he is a good dad to be teaching them from an early age to work and be responsible citizens.

  5. This guy owns Bynog Tree Service. Hopefully folks will refrain from using his company in the future. Don’t need to give money to a guy that would try to attack his ex-wife in a courthouse. Guy should be in jail. There are plenty of reputable tree services in town. Let this guys business fold!

    • I agree that violence doesn’t solve anything. I am not excusing what the man did, BUT things get very heated in custody battles. I have worked for a lawyer, and am a parent myself.
      Don’t say boycott the man’s business – he has workers who depend on him for a paycheck. Put yourself in his shoes.

      • Don’t worry about his employees. With their skills they can set out on their own or go to work for other tree services. That wife beater works for the State Forestry dept. Wonder if they are going to keep that out of control wife beater.

    • I am with you Steve,we all go through rough times but I cannot stand or support a man who hits women .I am saddened he is going through this time and his child may have seen him act stupid to his mom,but I will not knowingly
      support his business.

      • This is my brother and he has never hit any woman. Please people get your facts straight. Yes my nephew witness this but my nephew loves his Dad more than anything and everyone who is posting these negative feedbacks don’t know what the mother said and has done. Please all I ask is for people if they don’t know all the facts not to place judgement.

    • Now your completely out of line yes the guy mess 🆙 but who are you to speak on his business and how he makes a living . This the problem with Natchitoches people love to hurt other when they see you going threw hard times. Hurting his business will also hurt his family. Steve Johnson

  6. I understand that for Mr.Bynog losing your family and especially your child
    has to be tough,but violence solves nothing and get you in even more trouble with the law,but what does this say to the child when he sees his dad fighting ? I do hope Mr.Bynog changes and can see his child soon.

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