Calvin Braxton, Sr. Resigns


NEW ORLEANS (WVUE) – A public official has resigned from a powerful state board, following a FOX 8 investigation earlier this week.

Our investigation found Braxton threatened a state trooper who arrested his daughter for a DWI in 2015 and had the executive director of the commission fix traffic tickets.

The governor released a statement Friday afternoon:

Today, I accepted the resignation of Commissioner Braxton from the Louisiana State Police Commission. I believe he made the right decision. The law regarding the removal of a commission member dictates that, as the governor, I must preside over a public hearing. As such, it was critically important for me to remain impartial and review only the evidence before me. Due process is important. Public officials must hold themselves to the highest ethical standard, and I will accept nothing less as we consider a replacement on the commission.

Braxton released his own statement Friday, writing, “After unfounded allegations regarding my service and with deep consideration for family, I am resigning from this volunteer position effective today. As a family man, my first priority is to my family and I do not wish for them to have to deal with continuous attacks by the media and others.”

Braxton never directly disputed the claims we found in an official State Police account: allegations that Braxton made threatening statements to the trooper who arrested Braxton’s daughter.

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23 thoughts on “Calvin Braxton, Sr. Resigns

  1. Well enough on comments regarding Mr. Braxton. I am the first to recognize that his action were not right and should have never been done. There is obviously a lot of personal animosities with each of the comments on this subject and no words are ever going to resolve this or bring spiritual peace to everyone. My church going activities is my own private business and I do not answer to anyone as to when, where, and how I do what I do. Godliness teaches self control and learning to respect others right to be different. Godliness also teaches being able to forgive and let go of things you are not able to change. Peace to each and everyone!

  2. If mr braxton was any kind of man , he would man-up and admit what he did was wrong and possibly his resignation was the correct thing to do. It got one more corrupt, self-absorbed, I am above the law, power monger, my turds don’t stink, I can do anything I wish to do political criminals out of office. vbljr , you are the one who started a personal attack on this thread, saying all who don’t agree with you are evil narrow minded critics. It’s not mr braxon’s “individual spirit”, what ever the hell that means, which is being attacked, it is his moral compass!

  3. rsa…you obviously want to argue just for the sake of arguing and having it your way. What was done was not right and nothing can make it right. You are I or anyone else are going to be able to make this situation any different. Mr. Braxton has resigned – its over – let it go. No more messages with you. Peace…

  4. vbljr……unethical behavior or poor choice…. it is still ABUSE of POWER by someone in a position of authority, period. This is unacceptable. Also the fact he called it unfounded allegations, but never disputed the claims. Saying it , don’t make it true, but his sudden resignation maybe says it all. Also, I have no personal feeling one way or another about mr. braxton. Because it is not a crime , does not make it any less wrong. What is more wrong is for persons such as yourself to say you do not condone it but yet say there is nothing here to see, it’s over. I guess if that trooper knew who he was and let his daughter to continue to drive in her condition, because of who her father was and she killed someone, it would be the fault of who? I hope she gets the maximum penalty possible and the trooper gets a medal.

  5. Anybody that swallows Braxton’s “unfounded allegations…” and “to protect my family…” story also believes in the Easter bunny, tooth fairy and that O J was innocent It’s more like rats leaving a sinking ship.

  6. rsa…get your head out of the sand and learn to read with understanding. There was nothing in my message that implies I condone unethical behavior or activity by anyone. Furthermore, become knowledgeable of the subject you are speaking about as the unethical behavior is not a crime or an action someone can be arrested for. What Mr. Braxton did was use poor choice and his resignation should be viewed as act to self rectify his actions and move on. Whatever your personal feeling about Mr. Braxton are misplaced and inappropriate. What’s done is done and life moves on.

    • He showed his contempt for his job by doing it very badly. That is something you and him have in common Mr. L. ARROGANT CONTEMPT. You need God.

  7. Nicholas Ryan Wright…I have absolutely no idea who you are, and certainly could care less. It is totally ignorant of you to state, imply, or feel that our differences (if there is a difference) of religious beliefs is relevant or offends me. If you truly have met me (which is a lie if you continue to say so) you would know that I respect anyone’s right to be different or have a difference of opinion. As the saying goes – ignorance is bliss.

    • You’re either vain or naïve, but I ain’t got time for “could care less” truth-hating fools such as yourself. Your absent-mindedness is almost beautiful but unfortunately so self-fulfilling…like all atheist and liberals. “If you continue to say so” LOL…your liberal friends call those microaggressions. Either way it’s ungodly. In all fairness, I’ll say that I don’t see you at church on Sundays…that means I presume you go on Saturday…but we have met. Ignorance…for you…you not a clue. Anyway, its the spirit of the LAW.

  8. vbljr, don’t know who is worse, mr. Braxton or people like you. Those who condone such actions. Instead of just resigning, he should have turned himself in to be arrested. That would hsve been the right thing to do. I admit to being one of those evil minded critics and damn proud to say so!

  9. and “had the executive director of the commission fix traffic tickets.” What about the executive director?? If that was me threatening a state trooper I would’ve been UNDER the jail!! That is not fair.

  10. To all you evil narrow minded critics – give it up. None of you have any basis for your mean spirited comments. Mr. Braxton did what he had to do by resigning from the Board…which I believe was the right thing to do for him. People who serve on advisory boards do so on a voluntary basis and receive no pensions or benefits for doing so. The main satisfaction comes from being of service to the community and State of Louisiana in this case. Board members might receive some form of small compensation and expense reimbursement for their time and travel. There is nothing to be gained by making ugly comments and attacking an individual’s spirit. He resigned – so should you critics.

    • We’ve met, and I do recall you being offended that I was not of your religion…that is evil. Furthermore, it is far better to be narrow minded than absent minded as you are. You need God.

    • He did his service for the power it provided and he clearly violated the public trust with his actions. He should have resigned, not so for his family, but for the fact that he abused his position. To expose what he has done isn’t mean spirited. It’s just shedding light on abuse of power.

    • Amen to that.. evil people out there don’t know God …attack Christians…but will scream for Repentance when KARMA lands on their back.

  11. That’s the problem with elected or appointed politicians, they break the law and resign. No arrest, no indictment, no trial and no justice. They just say, ” I didn’t do nothing wrong, blah, blah, blah and keep their pension and benefits. It is about time some politician with some balls start putting these guys in jail.

    • you are exactly right and he also threatened an officer of the law,they
      should have thrown his sorry ass and his drunk daughter in jail.I know if I did that or anyone else we would have had cuffs on pretty quickly .

  12. “After unfounded allegations regarding my service”…that’s the cuck statement of the year.

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