Mandatory Boil Order – Powhatan Water System


Crews are currently working to restore the water for the customers on the Powhatan Water System.  Once water is restored, customers of the Powhatan Water System will be under a mandatory boil order, until further notice.

Should you have any questions, please contact Paul’s Plumbing at 318-352-9676.

Thank you,

Paul E. Cormane, Sr.
Powhatan Water System

8 thoughts on “Mandatory Boil Order – Powhatan Water System

  1. Does anyone know if the boil advisory is still in effect? I have left several messages for Mr Cormane and can’t get a call back. The water office phone has been temporarily disconnected.

  2. Sure wish we could get water we could drink. So tired of paying for water that is not drinkable. Also having to buy and haul drinking water. We , on the Powhatan water system , don’t have a problem paying a little more on our bill if we could get better water. What can we do to get this done?

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