NSU Project Update: From trees to streets

NSU Varnado Hall Trees Cut Down


There’s been a lot of work going on at Northwestern State University this summer. The following information is an update.
Varnado Hall Remodel (Information provided by Rob Archibald
Vice President – Capital Projects for Campus Living Villages:

A partnership between NSU and CLV, the project is ahead of schedule.  L1-3 accommodation wings will be handed over for occupation Aug. 8, with completion set for Aug. 15.

Some trees were removed from the area adjacent to the property.  A smaller tree at the western end of Varnado Hall was removed as it created a dark corner that didn’t receive natural light.  This resulted in issues with extensive mold externally and internally at that end of the building, particularly in the ground level rooms.

The affected rooms were repaired and restored and the tree was removed to help prevent the problem from reoccurring in the future and to provide more security to residents using this entry/exit.

A series of large pine trees were also removed., which were taller than Varnado Hall and either had limbs overhanging the roof or leaning toward the building.  They were removed as a longer term precautionary measure to remove the risk that they would fall or drop large branches on the occupied building.

Some smaller trees and one dead tree were also removed from the immediate surrounds of the building. An arborist examined a large tree in front of Russell Hall and determined it was dead and beyond saving after lighting struck it during a storm around Memorial Day. The lightning split the tree down the middle and it was considered a hazard.

Re-surfacing of Sam Sibley Drive:

The Physical Plant and Progressive Contractors are re-surfacing Sam Sibley Drive from University Parkway to the intersection of Caspari Drive and Sam Sibley in front of Friedman Student Union. The project will continue until mid-August. Drains in the area will be enlarged to prevent flooding.

Other projects include:

Installation of new video board at Turpin Stadium
Installation of new Cafe Demon at the nursing complex on NSU’s Shreveport campus (scheduled to open Aug. 24)
Installation of permanent concrete stage with roof on Iberville Green for future concerts (construction should start in the Fall)
Resurfacing Warren Easton parking lot at NSU Elementary Lab
Construction of student advising/testing center on the first floor of Watson Library to centralize related offices that are currently spread across campus
Replace AC/Heating units in Bienvenu Hall (plans are currently being drawn up)
Remodeling of old science labs in Bienvenu Hall that are no longer used (will become classrooms and computer labs and should be finished before school starts)

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  1. Thanks for the Interesting story. I had friends from Shreveport and Atlanta, GA in town yesterday, both former Varnado residents of the mid 60’s. We toured campus and they were quite impressed and happy to see restoration taking place. Varnado continues to be a treasure.

  2. Thanks for the 4 paragraphs about the 6 trees getting cut down. Alterior motive there??? The nerve of CLV trying to protect a $9 million investment!

    • Or… thanks for an explanation because some of us appreciate the Earth and nature. Also learn how to spell “Ulterior”….

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