CoCo Bed Justice – Chapter 21: A Plan For Captain John Winston

A fictional story by Junior Johnson

After their delicious breakfast and a couple of hours rest, Abslom, Levy, Rita and her boys, and Pete, departed for Cloutierville.

When they arrived at Deputy Moran’s office Abslom sent Pete to get his Attorney Ronnie Smith.  Smith was known to be the best Attorney in this part of the country, which was why Abslom and Levy had him retained to represent their vast holdings on CoCo Bed.

Once everyone was settled in Moran’s office with Attorney Smith present, Abslom laid out the plans that had been discussed between Levy and his daughter Rita.

Sheriff Jones had replied to the telegraph he had received about Winston’s capture and said he and an associate would ride over to Natchez and take the next Riverboat which would take them to Natchitoches. Deputy Moran would have his prisoners ready for the return trip to Mississippi where they would face trial for the jailer’s murder.

Abslom laid out the plans they wanted to present Winston in hopes his agreement would help the 18 families whose farms he had stolen.  In exchange for a noose being put around his miserable neck he would agree to sign over all properties to their original owners, as well as all of the money that he possessed, along with proceeds from the sale of the lavish home that he lived in.  Since he had no known family members this should create no problems if he agreed to sign over everything to the good Reverend Cryer for dispersal. Not only would the families get their property back, they would also share the money as well.  This would not bring back lost loved ones but it would help the families get their lives back on track.

Ronnie Smith and Deputy Moran listened quietly as Abslom and Levy laid out these plans that they wanted to propose.  If Captain John thought his life would be spared from the hangman’s noose back in Mississippi perhaps he would eagerly sign the papers that Ronnie Smith would draw up.  Winston would not know about the second part of the plan.  All present thought this was an excellent proposition and the attorney Ronnie Smith laughed and said he did not believe the Circuit Judge in Natchitoches, Judge Robert Porter would have any problems with this plan at all.

Since it would be four days before Sheriff Jones would arrive in Natchitoches it was decided not to present these plans to Captain John Winston just yet.  Given the care he would be receiving from Doctor Scruggs his health and overall strength would be much better by the time Jones arrived to take him back to Mississippi.

Since it was approaching darkness Abslom suggested they all walk over to the Gallien Boarding House and Restaurant for a delicious meal of hot tamales and those delicious pies made of meat and pastry which had been so popular in Natchitoches. Mrs. Gallien would be the first to tell you that it was her recipe that she called Cloutierville Meat Pies which came first.

Everyone thought this was a wonderful idea and Doctor Scruggs was invited to join them for supper.  Levy said that he would arrange for rooms that night because there was more to discuss with their attorney Ronnie Smith.

They needed to be careful how the second part of the plan would be presented to Judge Robert Porter.  The evil and cowardly Captain John Winston would soon learn what CoCo Bed Justice was all about.  One just did not mess with Abslom Johnson, Levy Lodrigue, or their families.

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  1. Wow !! Sure enjoyed this chapter , can’t wait for the next one ,Mrs. Gallien’s meat pies sure sounds good , would love to have that recipe 💞Keep up the good writing 💞

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