School board talks balancing the budget, Cloutierville, and a tax on the ballot

School Board Aug. 3
It’s been a long road to balance the Natchitoches Parish School budget, but it seems the end is in sight. At the School Board meeting Aug. 3, Superintendent Dale Skinner said there was some overstaffing because he was trying to raise the score for the district. While the district went from a C to a B last year, the $1 million deficit had to be addressed.

Personnel and program cuts were necessary. Realigning the staffing of the school system, included decreasing the number of non-certified longterm substitutes, combining programming and reassigning personnel.

For a list of personnel changes SEE DOCUMENT BELOW.

Harry Graham and Joella Wilson-Collins voted against approving the transfers listed in the personnel update and Emille Metoyer voted against approving the administrative changes listed. Both passed by majority vote.

“We feel we haven’t done anything that will hurt the schools,” said Skinner. “It may just mean we’ll have to work harder.”

A decision involving Cloutierville is being held up because the school board is waiting on US Federal Judge Dee Drell to approve their request to allow students living in the C-1 area to attend schools inside the Natchitoches City limits. Currently 150 students are being bussed to Cloutierville. There are 130 students who live in the area for a total student population of around 280. Skinner said he should have an answer from Drell Aug. 7.

The citizens of Natchitoches will have the opportunity to vote on a proposition Oct. 14 , which focuses on renovations and new construction to positively position all District 9 schools for the future. The proposition is to fund $18 million in 20 year General Obligation Bonds.

4 thoughts on “School board talks balancing the budget, Cloutierville, and a tax on the ballot

  1. Any results yet on Cloutierville? This is ridiculous…. One week before school, and many parents don’t even know where their children will be going!!! I am so disgusted with the Natchitoches Parish school board system…

  2. close all the schools and go to home schooling,or better yet fire
    board members and hire all new ones .

    • YES–also what was the deal with goldonna–best principle in parish removed–and idiots say they didn’t hurt our kids–karma will work out one day–sad to see politics and personal feelings running our govt.

      • Again we have incompetent people running the school board, Goldonna will not have librarian, no P.E. class, no computer lab, and no Ms. Sanders. And this school board says they are looking out for our children, bet they don’t take any cuts and their benefits will increase. Also they do nothing for the gifted children in this parish, they are a joke

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