NPD officers attend motorcycle certification class

NPD Motorcycles

Natchitoches Police Department officers attended the Louisiana State Police motorcycle operations certification class July 10-21. This intensive 80 hour course covered slow speed maneuvers, high speed maneuvers, weight distribution and braking. Further courses of training included curve negotiation, defensive driving techniques, tactical traffic stops and off road maneuvers. Training went on in the grueling heat and in the pouring rain. Chief Dove commends these officers and their dedication.

The motorcycle division of the NPD has a vital role in serving the community. Their ease of mobility affords the officer quick access to crash scenes when seconds may count. Their ability to blend in to their surroundings makes it harder for violators to see them when in a role of traffic law violation detection. In this mode, the Natchitoches Motor officers respond to areas often reported by residents of various communities due to speeders or careless operators and attempt make the neighborhoods safer through traffic enforcement.