Buy, finance, and get it fixed at Jackson Automotive



Clay Jackson offers his customers personalized service at a fair price. In business for 20 years this January, he chose to open a new division: JacksonAutomotive Service Center.

Quality tires can provide thousands of miles of excellent service and the Jackson Automotive Service Center offers a large inventory of premium tires for nearly every make and model from trucks to luxury vehicles. There’s also an economy brand, CrossWind, which offers high performance paired with value.

Beyond rotating and aligning your new wheels, the Service Center performs routine maintenance and other auto repair needs.

Service Center Manager Schuyler Cholvitee grew up working on cars. At the age of seven he tore down and rebuilt his first motor. He closed the doors on his family’s body shop in 2013 and moved away, but Natchitoches drew him home again. An ASC Certified Mechanic, Cholvitee began working at Jackson Automotive.

There’s so much more than tires and auto repairs. Get in-house financing through Jackson Automotive. Not only do you buy your car and make your payments at one location, but the Service Center can also keep you on the road,” said Jackson.

“That’s what people are missing,” said Jackson. “A 15-minute oil change is great, but when you bring it to someone like us we go beyond the basics to examine the car as a whole.”

Walk-ins are welcome. To schedule an appointment call 318-354-7243.



Jackson Automotive is located at 1300 Washington Street.

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