Cane River Creole National Historical Park to hold Public Meeting on Commercial Use Authorizations

NPS Public Meeting081117

Cane River Creole National Historical Park will hold a public meeting
concerning the park’s implementation of Commercial Use Authorizations at 1:00 p.m. on Aug. 11 at the Thomas Building located at 560 2nd Street in Natchitoches.

What is a Commercial Use Authorization (CUA)? A CUA is a business permit with the National Park Service that allows an individual, group, or company to conduct commercial activities and provide specific visitor services, including tours, within a national park unit. A valid CUA is required if you or your organization provide services that take place in the park, use park resources, and result in monetary gain.

Who needs a CUA? Anyone who currently provides or wants to provide tours or other commercial services to visitors at Oakland Plantation and Magnolia Plantation needs a valid CUA. CUAs are required for all commercial visitor services provided by a company or organization not based in the park.

Why is this CUA policy going into effect? The federal law and policy regarding CUAs has been in effect since 1998. The CUA process is a tool to enhance coordination between park staff and commercial service providers. The park is implementing the CUA process to ensure a quality visitor experience at Oakland and Magnolia Plantations.

To learn more about the procedures and requirements of CUAs, please join park staff at the public meeting at 1:00 p.m. on August 11. Staff will be on hand to explain the CUA process and answer any questions. For those unable to attend the meeting, information about the CUA process can be obtained by calling 318-352- 0383, extension 200 or by emailing