“We Work Hard Every Day”

Jr High Open House_7933

Natchitoches Junior High Frankie Ray Jackson School Holds Its Open House

Excitement filled the air as Natchitoches Junior High students and their families filled the gym to capacity at the Open House held Tuesday, Aug. 8. The Indian Cheerleaders formed a pom-pom line for the faculty to walk through as they were introduced to the parents by Principal Edwin Mason.

The students and parents found out about the many opportunities the school offers. It is not just the traditional sports and cheerleading. Interested students may join the band, try their hand at photography or journalism to name just a few of the fun ways to stretch their minds and abilities with extracurricular activities.

After the presentations, the student’s families went to register for classes and meet their teachers. The tone of the event, and indeed of the school year, was set by Principal Mason “We work hard every day.” The Natchitoches Parish Journal is looking forward to seeing what that hard work brings forth this year.