Illegal dumping causes City to move recycling bins to secure location

CON-Dump bins ADM

Mayor Lee Posey announced at Monday night’s City Council meeting, Aug. 14, that the recycling center located on Mill Street at the ADM facility will be moved. Fed up with the illegal dumping of trash including mattresses, furniture, tires and food, Posey said the six bins will be moved inside the gates. The area will be accessible to the public during the Public Works Department’s operating hours Monday-Friday from 6:30 am – 4 pm and special hours on Saturdays from 5-10 pm.

“People just aren’t doing it properly,” said Posey. The new location inside the facility gates will afford more security to the recycling operations.


9 thoughts on “Illegal dumping causes City to move recycling bins to secure location

  1. just take a drive around back roads in Robeline,Spanish lake road you
    could probably furnish a whole house with all the crap dumped on the road .

  2. Great! Now the illegal dumping will end up at places like Fish Hatchery Road. I see in the picture that there is a camera installed above the bins. Why not use that camera to identify these illegal dumpers, fine them, and post their pictures for the public to see? Offering large awards for exposing illegal dumpers might help with the problem at this site and around the Parish. We have a lot of jerks in Natchitoches Parish that don’t mind trashing their homes. You have to make them hurt. At one time the Parish had a full time employee with the job of reducing illegal dumping. Perhaps we need that person again.

  3. If the City and Parish are ready to talk about illegal dumping they need to take a drive up Hwy 1 North each day and see how much trash and waste is blown off their transport trucks, plus the waste from our citizens vehicles along the highway. I pick up what I can but the next day it’s trashed again.

  4. THANK YOU, Mr. Mayor and City Council!!! I don’t know HOW MANY times I have taken my recyclables there only to find that the bins are full of the aforementioned types of trash! And, to those of you who are somehow unaware, there is a parish dump that is available for city residents as well. (After all, the city of Natchitoches lies within the parish lines.) And don’t say that it’s “inconvenient”… because I live out in the parish and collect my recyclables in a large bag and when full drive it “all the way” into town to deposit the contents into the RECYCLING BINS.

  5. Although there is improper use of the facility, it indicates to me that the city really should add a site that has facilities to handle the “mattresses, furniture, tires and food.” There are no places in the city limits to handle the proper disposal of these items, so guess where it ends up? The closest thing that looks like a disposal site. That trash and junk that is now being left at the recycle site is going to wind up being left curbside, at the ends of vacant streets, or in makeshift dumps around the city. Not a good alternative. People use the recycle site for this trash because it is easily accessible and open when they need to drop the stuff off. I agree, I hate seeing this type of trash pile up there, and have used the site for larger recycle items when I needed to, but setting it behind a gate that closes at 4 PM is going to reduce the recycling AND not providing a trash site spreads that junk out into the poorly monitored areas of the city. Think this through, Mayor Posey.

    • Or take personal responsibility for your trash and if you have something large enough, take it to the dump. Why is it on the city to be sure you have a place to put your mattresses and such? Problem is that we have too much uneducated, poor, trash in this city to ever have a recycling program that will work.

  6. For public recycling to work, the public needs information and reminders on what can be recycled. To avoid improper dumping of other things, legal places to dump those items need to be made available.

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