City works to improve water system to stabilize fluctuation in chlorine levels

water test 2017
The City of Natchitoches received a letter from the Louisiana Department of Health Aug. 11 stating that the City was in non-compliance with maintaining disinfectant residuals (0.5 milligrams per liter) throughout the water distribution system at all times.

Louisiana raised its chlorine level standard from 0.2 mg/l to 0.5 mg/l in 2014. The letter sites that the flush valve at Charlie Drive tested at 0.45 mg/l for the month of August. However, Utilities Director Charles Brossette said DHH paid a surprise visit to the flush valve Aug. 16 and pulled a sample that tested at 1.7 mg/l, which satisfied them.

“The chlorine levels will fluctuate depending on water usage,” said Brossette.

Some of the residents were frustrated with the amount of times the City needs to flush the “dead end” line on Charlie Drive, because it causes the ditches to flood into the surrounding yards. The City needs to flush this line often because there’s not enough pressure in the houses to keep the water flowing.

The City has an engineer working on a project estimated at $20,000, which will allow them to flush the line out to Cane River.