Partners work toward Cane River Bank Stabilization

By Brooke Shirley

In April, Rick Nowlin and Jim Rhodes announced that the Cane River Waterway Commission will be a non-federal sponsor for the Perpetual Cane River Bank Stabilization Easement, which will be completed by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers. The goal of the project is to repair any current erosion and to construct some bank improvements in front of the St. Augustine Catholic Church along Highway 484.

St. Augustine Catholic Church has now been listed on the National Registry as a historic site in Natchitoches Parish and for the members it is very important that this be fixed before their history lost. State Representative Kenny Cox put it very plainly saying, “If we do not fix this issue, the road will wash away and next would be the church. That’s not something we care to let happen.”

There was a meeting held Aug. 17 between all parties involved to discuss the project status, financial obligations, designs, and non-federal sponsor requirements. As of now, plan are still in the preliminary stages. The project is waiting approval from Congress before any further actions may be taken.

One thought on “Partners work toward Cane River Bank Stabilization

  1. Great!!! Nice to see some action is finally getting started. Need to move as fast as possible on this. This situation has been ignored far too long. We know paperwork is necessary, but there needs to be machinery and heavy equipment working at this site.

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