Natchitoches eye doctor states glasses can help students succeed in school

Dr. Cheryl Stoker, an Optometrist with Louisiana Eye and Laser of Natchitoches, was fitted for glasses for the first time when she was in the 4th grade. She sat in the front of the classroom, and her teacher noticed she was still squinting to see the board.

When she went to her doctor for an eye exam, she was fascinated by the equipment. From that point on, she knew she wanted to be an eye doctor, and she’s never changed her mind. Thirty-two years later, Dr. Cheryl Stoker still loves what she does.

“I feel blessed,” she said.

Dr. Stoker graduated from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, Tenn. before moving to Louisiana. She spent time in Alexandria and New Orleans before settling in Natchitoches 22 years ago.

She knows firsthand how vision can impact a child’s schoolwork. Children should have a comprehensive fully dilated eye exam before starting school and every year while they are in school.

Since children don’t typically complain because they don’t realize they have a problem, parents can watch for the following signs of vision impairment:

·  Headaches

·  Squinting

·  Holding objects abnormally close to their face

·  In small children (ages 3-4) be aware if they run into walls or are excessively clumsy

Louisiana Eye and Laser of Natchitoches is here to help. Students in grades K-12 are eligible to receive a Back-To-School Eye Care Special through Sept. 30. A routine eye exam is $45 with Standard Eye Wear starting at only $45.99 (includes frame and lenses).

For more information on this special call 318-352-0444. Louisiana Eye and Laser Center is located at 1055 Parkway Drive in Natchitoches. Promotion cannot be combined with any vision plan and applies at the Natchitoches location only.

Make the appointment today – just call for this special 318-352-0444.

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  1. You are amazing and awesome. Everyone should be told this. My son only had an eye exam before Headstart and kindergarten. In first grade neither me or his teacher suspected he needed glasses. He struggled to read and so she labeled him as unable to learn (stupid group) in reading. I was so upset with her. In second grade his teacher noticed the first week of school. He has worn glasses since. I let the first teacher know she missed that one bad.

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