NSU students volunteer throughout Natchitoches community

NSU Volunteers0758-2017 (3)

Over 250 students participate in [1of7], a Northwestern Service Project every year. It’s a simple concept. And it’s one that can make a HUGE difference. Students pick one day of the seven and do something for someone else. Students spread out across the Natchitoches community Aug. 25. Some volunteered at the Natchitoches Fish Hatchery and others at the American Cemetery cleaning gravestones and performing other maintenance on the grounds. Other students volunteered at Cane River Children’s Services, Fort St. Jean Baptiste, the Boys & Girls Club, Cane River and NSU Food Pantries, Wesley Student Ministry, the NSU Student Courtyard and Watson Library.

The Natchitoches Historic Foundation board members enjoyed the 70 plus sets of helping hands at the American Cemetery. The students connected with the history of the community and learned about their new home away from home. According to a NHF Board member, one NSU student even found a relative’s grave site while cleaning.

Student Coordinator Taylor Holloway said it’s a chance for the students to go out into the community and help where help is needed. “It’s important to perform service,” she said. “The university gives us so much so we need to give back to the community as students of the university.”