Natchitoches Hometown Hero: Harris Ray Wilson Jr.

By Kevin Shannahan

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For more than 20 years, Harris Ray Wilson Jr. has been more widely known throughout the community and indeed the NCAA as “Coach Black.” He is the quintessential NSU Demon sports fan with an encyclopedic knowledge of NSU sports records. He is a fixture at practices and games. You are not really considered a coach at NSU until you have been “fired!” by Coach Black.

Coach Black was honored by The Modern Woodman of America and his beloved NSU Athletic family Aug. 29 at the NSU Fieldhouse for a different reason. He was named a Natchitoches Hometown Hero for his actions during a fire at his grandmother’s home on July 15. When the house fire started, he made it outside and then realized his grandmother and sister were still inside. He went back into the burning house and brought them to safety. The house was a total loss, but thanks to Harris Ray Wilson Jr., no lives were lost.

In addition to his title, the Modern Woodmen of America will donate $100 to the Boys’ and Girls’ Club in his name.  Local attorney and fellow Demon fan Jack Brittain Jr. chose Coach Black to “represent the NSU family” in returning the football that Chris Moore kicked through the goal posts to bring the victory to the Demons in the 2014 football upset against LA Tech.

Harris Ray Wilson Jr. is a true Demon fan and member of the NSU family. On that night in July, he proved himself to be much more. He showed himself to be a man of courage upon whom his family could depend on in the face of danger. Well done, sir!


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  1. With more people like coach blank in the world, it would be a much better place. He has always looked it all people as his brother and we have always like to catch Glen is our friend. Congratulations Coach Blake we are so very proud of you

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