City Marshal Randy Williams wanted to inform the following people that they have outstanding bench warrants through the Natchitoches City Marshal’s Office. The names on this list did not pay their fines in full nor did they return to court on the court date they were sentenced to by City Court Judge Gahagan. These individuals will need to clear up their fines and bench warrant fees at the City Marshal’s Office located at 373 Second St. to stop any further actions:

Lakedra Beaudion, 1470 Dean St, Natch, La – TBS
Addie Burks, 1815 South Dr, Natch, La – TBS
Cortez Duncantel, 430 Howell St, Natch, La – Simple Assault
Willie Easily, 298 Vienna Dr Lot 20, Natch, La – SPOM
Leonard Harris Jr., 3800 University Pkwy Apt 212, Natch, La – SPOM, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, License Plate Lights Required, Driving under Revocation
Keneen Hymes, 1225 Grace Ave, Natch, La – Simple Battery
Jacqualine Jones, 910 West St, Natch, La – TBS
Colin Smith, 1224 Dixie St, Natch, La – (2) Simple Battery
Penny Anderson, 230 Fairgrounds Rd, Natch, La – NSB, Careless Operation
Andrea Austin, 1531 Salter St, Natch, La – NCR
Tarentino Charles, 1410 Berry Ave, Natch, La – Exp MVI
Douglas Colbert, 617 Amulet St, Natch, La – No DL
Kevin Davis Jr., 201 Barnum St, Campti, La – Exp MVI
Shaterrica Demars, 201 Pierson St, Natch, La – Exp MVI
Cortez Evans, 169 Caspari St, Natch, La – Exp MVI
Dequan Evans, 1436 Stella, Natch, La – Unlicensed Driver
Mecca Gay, 628 Jackson Dr, Natch, La – NCR, Exp MVI
Emily Grisby, 1209 West Lakeshore Dr, Natch, La – NSB
Shanikka Holmes, 315 East Sixth St, Natch, La – No Vehicle Registration
Melissa Jackson, 615 Lake St, Natch, La – Exp MVI

Trial (T):
Quenten Allen, 503 Myrtle Dr, Natch, La – Aggravated Assault, SCDP
Elizabeth Belle, 210 Fairgrounds Rd, Natch, La – (2) TBS, Resisting an Officer
Quantesha Charles, 136 Cox St, Campti, La – TBS
Leonard Harris, 3800 University Pkwy, Natch, La – (2) Possession Drug of Paraphernalia, SPOM
Parker Spliker, 757 Robeline Provencal Rd, Robeline, La – Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Paid Notice