St. Mary’s students qualify for Duke Tip

ST MARYS-Duke Tip.png

Six 7th grade students at St. Mary’s Catholic School qualified for Duke Tip. The Duke Tip University Identification Program (Duke Tip) collaborates with educators and parents to identify academically talented students and support their academic and social development by providing them with advanced learning opportunities, challenging resources and programs, and special recognition of their achievements.

The purpose of Duke Tip is to offer a talent search for students in grades 4th – 7th. Talent searches celebrate students for their achievements and foster their love of learning, but they adopt different approaches in order to match the needs of these different age groups. The 7th grade Talent Search focuses on helping students understand their strengths and helps them develop the abilities that they will need as they look ahead to college and a future career.

The 7th grade students that qualified for Duke Tip are:
Adam Parker
Mason McCart
Joshua Durr
C.J. Smith
Alix Winfree
James Thilen