Final: Natchitoches Kiwanians send relief team to Texas

Kiwanis Day 5 5

The Natchitoches Kiwanis Disaster relief team is in Texas, spending eight days helping families who need help with tree removal and blue roofing after Hurricane Harvey.  Team members helped three more families in need on day 5.

House 1-Virginia Esquivel: She had missing shingles along the ridge that caused a leak. Kiwanians put a tarp over the ridge to keep the family dry until they could arrange a more long-term repair. Jesse and Mary Kay went to the next job to setup while other members tarped the first house.

House 2- Patrick Deleon: Deleon is a Navy Veteran. They had roof damage and flooding inside their home. The team covered the roof so they can continue to clean up after Harvey.

House 3- was owned by a past Kiwanis president, Glenn Villafranca: He had contacted several companies to come survey his roof, but they’ve all been backed up. He was super grateful that Kiwanis could come. It was great to be able to help out someone who has volunteered for his community.

Today’s crew:
David Waskom, Rodney Boswell, Kristy Sampey, Jesse LeBlanc, MaryKay Waskom

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