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When Hospice of Natchitoches, Inc. was established in 2000, one of the guiding principles was a pledge to care for people facing life limiting illnesses in the Natchitoches community and surrounding areas. Since that time, Hospice of Natchitoches has dedicated itself to ensuring compassionate care for the dying.

Testimonial: “They were so kind and helpful. Whatever he (my brother) needed, they got right away. I am so thankful for the team that took care of him.”

The staff understands how important it is to have access to dependable, professional and timely help when needed. Research shows hospice can increase quality of life and how long a patient lives. Families who receive hospice near the very end–just a few days to a week–have been shown to have a harder time adjusting during the bereavement period than those whose loved one receives hospice care for weeks and months before passing on. At least two to three months of care is optimal. It’s better to ask sooner rather than later so you do not regret having missed the support that hospice has to offer.

Testimonial: “Wonderful care. We give thanks and praise for her care and compassion. We always felt our mother’s needs were met, and then some. Our nurse was always a breath of fresh air. It was always a relief to see her come because we knew we were doing everything possible to care for our mother. She provided answers to questions or spotted ways we could improve our care. It is an extremely emotional time for the patient and family and our hospice family helped.”

Hospice of Natchitoches is an organization of compassionate, well-trained professionals, support staff, and volunteers who provide a comprehensive program of medical care, counseling, and spiritual direction to persons with life-threatening conditions. Their goal is to promote dignity and comfort care for those facing a life limiting disease while at the same time supporting family and loved ones coping with end-of-life realities with quality and compassionate care.

Testimonial: “The care provided to my grandfather and to us, in way of support, was simply amazing. The wonderful people helped us every step of the way. We could not have done this without their kindness and support. We will always be grateful for all the help we received during this most terrible time in our lives.”

With local offices in Leesville, Many and Natchitoches, the mission is forever focused on meeting the needs of individuals and families facing end-of-life realities with quality compassionate care. Hospice of Natchitoches is located at 340 Second Street.

For more information call 318-214-0944 or go online to: www.hospiceofnatchitoches.com.

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