City Council: Homes listed in dangerous, unsanitary condition

Council_Oct. 9

Recommendations for demolition was the hot topic at the City Council meeting Monday night, Oct. 9. Several homeowners came before the Council to discuss the condition of their properties and come up with a timeframe for improvements/demolitions.

The building listed below were declared unsafe by the Director of Planning and Zoning, Juanita Fowler, and the City Building Inspector. They are listed in dangerous and unsanitary conditions, which makes them unsafe and an endangerment to public welfare, which poses a grave public emergency.

Chelsea Thibodeaux: 602 Amulet Street
Andrea and Zachary Besant: 1323 Grayson Street
Gilen Norwood: 446 Henry Avenue
Cathy Chester: 1219 Pavie Street
Annie Oliphant: 1215 Pavie Street
City of Natchitoches ℅ Ann Bonnette: 1021 Amulet Street
Leroy Jr. and Emily Berryman: 210 Paula Lane
Ida McClinton and Thermon Mitchell ℅ Rene Brown: 1124 Old Robeline Road
Albert Sr. and Maggie Payton: 1342 Dixie Street
Mary Lee and Tamer Briggs Mitchell: 437 Payne Street
Temika Payton: 430 Howell Street
Silver and Alice Harris: 220,222 and 226 Carver Alley
City of Natchitoches ℅ Robert Murphy: 943 Anita Street


Thibodeaux currently lives in Arkansas, but told the Council she plans to move into her late grandmother’s house to save it. She was previously renting the house, but decided to do a major rehab on it. After taking it down to the studs, it was broken into and Thibodeaux claims thousands of dollars in building supplies were stolen out of it. Fowler requested Thibodeaux meet with the building inspector to see what needs to be done to bring the house up to code because not its current rough condition.

Several owners admitted that their properties are in need of demolition and requested the City give them time to make the necessary arrangements. Homeowners are given 60 days until the Council casts its final vote on the ordinance to take care of their properties and bring them up to par.

The owner of 430 Howell Street (Payton) lives in Houston. The house burnt down and now sits as a charred shell. When questioned by the Council she said she feels the house is worth saving.

Mayor Lee Posey also took some time to recognize Jordan Rachel as a “Hometown Hero.” Posey originally presented the Hometown Hero Award to Rachel, an eighth grader at Natchitoches Magnet School on Oct. 4. Jordan and his great grandparents, Don and Judy Montet, were driving on Interstate-49 toward Breaux Bridge for a Natchitoches Central game on Sept. 29 when Don experienced a heart attack. He collapsed on top of Judy, who was sitting in the front passenger seat. Jordan stayed calm despite being scared and took control of the situation. He jumped over the back seat and took hold of the wheel to steer them to safety. Posey commended Jordan for his brave and selfless act.


Other agenda items included:

Discuss transfer of lease for lots 3 and 4 at the Natchitoches Regional Airport
Amend zoning classification of 85.08 acres (portion of Rapides Drive and Railroad Street) from I-A Industry Agriculture to I-1 Light Industry to construct a dedicated street-right-of-way
Amend ordinance by approving request by Northwestern State University to change zoning classification of vacant land at the southwest intersection of University Parkway and Hwy. 3110 Bypass from R-1 Residential to B-3 Commercial for commercial development
Award bid for liquid chlorine for the water treatment plant to Brenntag Southwest Inc. for $740 per ton
Execute change order to the contract between the City and Pat Williams Construction for the Rue Beauport Riverfront Project
Apply to the State Bond Commission to order and call a special election to be held in the City to authorize the renewal of a special tax: Millage Renewal-Shall the City continue to levy a 10 mills tax on all property subject to taxation in City (an estimated $1.2 million reasonably expected at this time to be collected from the levy of the tax for an entire year) beginning with the year 2019 and ending with the year 2028, for the purpose of maintaining, operating, improving, and/or constructing public safety facilities and services for the fire and police departments
Resolution to give preliminary approval to the issuance of not to exceed $14 million of Sales Tax Bonds of the City. The City is now levying and collecting a special 1% sales and use tax pursuant to special elections held on January 11, 1966; July 23, 1968; Sept. 13, 1980; and April 9, 2016. The City is now receiving 50% of the revenues of the 1% for various purposes, including the construction, acquisition and improvement of recreation facilities. The City desires to incur debt and issue, not to exceed $14 million, of its Sales Tax Bonds in one or more series for the recreation facilities, to establish a reserve fund, and to pay the cost of the issuance of the bonds.