Landowners learn about ways to combat feral hogs

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Landowners gathered at a Feral Hog Workshop Thursday evening, Oct. 19 at the Grand Ecore RV Park. The Natchitoches Soil and Water Conservation District held the workshop to educate landowners on the following:

Poisons: Ariel Bourgoyne (LSU Ag Center)
Trapping, Transporting and Changes in Feral Hog Laws: Gene Cavalier (LDAF)
Testing Feral Hogs for Diseases: Dr. Christopher Lyles (NSU Biology Dept.)
Update on Natchitoches SWCD Feral Hog Control Program: JD Cox (WRE Technician)

Feral hogs are increasing at an alarming rate, causing harm to water quality, landscapes, gardens and extensive damage to agricultural crops. Control of feral hogs in difficult and entails countless man hours and expense to landowners. Two keys to success in managing feral hogs are trap placement and pre baiting.

NSU has collected five samples in the Cane River Watershed. One out of the five hogs tested positive for Leptospira Interrogens. The hope is to collect enough samples from feral hogs in the area to build a reference library of diseases for quick identification and to determine what percentage of the population is contaminated.

Dr. Lyles asked that landowners contact him when they are trapping hogs so he can collect samples. The samples must be collected within 3 hours of the hogs being killed (Lyles would prefer a shorter time frame). Email him at or call 318-357-6514.

From 2014-2017, 3,774 feral hogs have been removed from Natchitoches parish. The SWCD began a new aerial gunning sign up on Nov. 1, which will conclude on Dec. 22. Land in Natchitoches Parish and land within the Red River Bottomland area are eligible. For information call 318-357-8366 (Ext. 3) or go online to

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