7 thoughts on “NPSB Director of Business Affairs tenders resignation

    • That is how I understood it. Not equity, as one commentator hopefully misstated. Equity is a financial term. Equality is what is needed and Dale Skinner seems to be making it happen. Furthermore, Ralph Wilson is a good person. When a 20-something wrecked into me totaling my vehicle, Mr. Ralph Wilson was somehow the first on scene asking if me and my kids were okay. Perhaps the pots are calling the kettle black.

  1. I feel that if the board members are required to live in a certain district, then the Superintendent should be required to live in the parish. Why is he allowed to be a Superintendent here in Natchitoches Parish and be on the School Board in Sabine Parish? That should let you know that he is not going to have the best interest of our children as a priority.

  2. I totally agree with everything you(vbljr) have stated in regards to the school board and Skinner.He was brought in by a racially divided school board with a white majority. Their goal has been to make sure no black is elected as superintendent of Natch Parish. They have disregarded the highly qualified blacks who have applied, since Duke was elected. Ralph Wilson is Skinner’s puppet, he never stands up for the communuty or acts in the best interest of our kids and grandkids. The majority of the parents whose kids have been negatively impacted by the School board and Skinner’s decisions are at fault, also. They failed to show up and stand up for their kids and make their voices be heard, to prevent Parks Elem School closure and the overcrowding at L.P Vaughn, loss of black teachers and blacks in administrative positions, etc.. Failure to stand up together in large numbers and “speak out”, not just showing up at school board meetings. The reality of this situation is that there are so many blacks in this community, afraid to stand up and speak out for “our kids”.in 2017!. The news media should have been contacted and these situation made public, mass community meetings with “pastors, plans made and necessary action actions “,signed petitions to the court, (besides legal actions submitted by the Voters and Civic League) , recall petition on Skinner, demands for all black school board members and white school members(with majority black districts) to vote in our kids best interest. Though the court rendered a decision in favor of the school board, we as a community and churches should work to raise money for the court’s decision to be appealed to a Supreme court. We are responsible for “doing” everything” that God makes possible for us to ensure sure our kids and grandkids receive the best education possible. If we profess to be Christians, we should not live with the spirit of fear. If we fail our kids and grandkids, because of cowardly inaction, how can you look in your child’s face” when you have failed to stand up for them.Thank God for the efforts of Joella Wilson and other school members who have actually tried to assist our kids. Remember that united we stand and divided we fall!!

  3. Earnestine Armstrong…you make a very, very interesting observation as the Natchitoches Parish School Board lack leadership and conviction from its elected members who for the most part lack the educational background needed in order to understand educational standards and functions that are required and essential to providing the students of Natchitoches Parish the tools and background to become productive citizens and future leaders of our communities and society in general. The School Board as it exists today needs to either be dissolved and/or reformed as a single body made up of no more than 5 members who are elected at large with no ties to any one district or special interest body.

    Voting along racial lines is totally non productive and needs to end! Our greater Natchitoches community is a diverse community and no decisions should be based on favoring one group of people over another. Fairness and equity is the only way to go in order to progress and enhance the educational needs of Natchitoches Parish.

    There is a conflict of interest with the way the superintendent of this school system functions as he is being allowed to function with too much influence over the Board rather just stick to his job as manager and executive over the employees and staff who have responsibility for the day to days operation of all schools in Natchitoches Parish. His focus needs to be on educating our young students and not on the politics of the Board.

  4. I can understand Mr. Solomon leaving because if the Super doesn’t respect his input on budget matters and year after year he closing out with a deficit, he should leave and find a job that will respect his expertise. The real sad thing about all this is, the school board sit around that table month after month and rubber stamp all he does. Everything that matters is always voted on racial lines. Something needs to change people , out with the old and in with the new.

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