BOM branches compete in Halloween Costume Contest

BOM Flintstones

BOM Financial Services participated in the BOM Bank-Wide Halloween Costume Contest. Pictured from left are Reba Phelps (black Cat), Mark Ducote (Lumberjack), and Gina Banks (Black Widow).

BOM’s Loan Operations Department, pictured from left are Kirk Leone, Sherri Outlaw, and Jennifer Sims.

Brooke Harrell and Brandy Tilley dressed up as crayons. BOM’s Marketing Department (Tara McKenney, Carrie Hough, and Micah Foshee) dressed as the Three Musketeers. Lyn Christophe and Dewayne Chelette dressed as the duo Lois Lane and Superman!

Logan Lambert won 1st place in the individual costume contest as Larry Bird!

Judy Byone and Henry Rachal dressed up at the Cloutierville Branch! Jacob Murchison and Luke Lucky were Maverick & Goose from Top Gun! John Sullivan dressed up as a cowboy.

The University Parkway Branch got 4th Place with its theme “University Snack Shop. Pictured from left are Jenny Brown, Brittany Barton, Dustin Dauzat, Allen Kees, Corrine Nagim, and Mary Hooper.

Other branches included:

The Many Branch dressed as nerds. Pictured from left are Linda Guay, Twyla Lovelady, Tiffany Miller, Ashley Parrie, and Debra Funderburk.

The Ringgold Branch won with its theme of Alice in Wonderland. Pictured from left are Lisa Hay, Jessica Ammons, NATALIE Bamburg, and Tammy Bernard.

The Montgomery Branch won 2nd Place in our Bank wide Halloween Contest. The theme the Flintstones. Pictured from left are Chelsea McQuillin, Elona Washington, chasity Adcock, Kathy Myers, Brenda Payne, Tiffany Woods, Janet Crew, and Mary Bullock.