$500,000.00 in Scholarship Funds Raised for First Generation NSU Students!

By Kevin Shannahan

Kevin’s Gallery

The NSU Student Union Ballroom was packed with over 400 Northwestern State University supporters as they gathered to celebrate the memory of Rose Landry Long in a most fitting manner. The evening featured a Louisiana gourmet meal by Chef John Folse, one of the Bayou State’s culinary legends. The waitstaff consisted of NSU Hospitality Management and Tourism majors. The NSU Baseball team provided valet parking and the NSU Music program provided a string quartet for the evening’s entertainment.

Mrs. Long was the first member of her family to attend college, earning her degree in under 3 years with honors. Her experiences in college gave her a lifelong appreciation of the life changing opportunities offered by higher education. She was taken from us all too soon after a hard fought battle against brain cancer. After her passing, her husband, Senator Gerald Long, decided to continue her legacy by establishing the Rose Landry Long Scholarship, intended for first generation students at Northwestern State University.

The evening culminated with the announcement of the amount raised for the Scholarship. Donors and matching funds resulted in an amazing $500,000.00 being raised to help our young people achieve their dreams-and move our state forward. A corporate donor who wishes to remain anonymous is also starting a $100,000.00 scholarship in Rose Landry Long’s name.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes to congratulate two superb young NSU students. Ms. Elizabeth Schoubrock of Zwolle and Mr. Rowdy Burleson of Evelyn are the first two recipients of the scholarship. We wish the the best in their future endeavors!

The Natchitoches Parish Journal is donating tonight’s photography. Photo protection is off and downloads are enabled. Anyone may download any photo they wish. If you do download a photo, please consider a donation to the Rose Landry Long Scholarship. Contact Ms. Jill Bankston at Bankstonj@nsula.edu and she will be glad to assist you.