3-Car collision on Hwy 494

494 Wreck-1

A 3-car collision that occurred shortly before 5 pm on Hwy. 494 on Nov. 13 had traffic backed up to Walmart in one direction and to the old gin in the other.  Two of the occupants were transported to the NRMC, the third was uninjured.


2 thoughts on “3-Car collision on Hwy 494

  1. Now I have seen it all Online rubber necking I am sad that people in a wreck are being watched in real time as they are excavated from wreckage Is anything private anymore I would be highly upset if a video showed up of a wreck I was in Just because we have the technology doesn’t mean it should be shown We need to be careful what is posted for the well-being of all involved The drivers have rights and this should take prority over sensationalism Also the victims may not be in agreement and this could prove to be a liability when something is shown as video it should be well thought out first. Just trying to show the other side.

  2. Idiots need to learn how to drive. Pay attention to the road and watch your speed. Lucky this didn’t end a lot worse.

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