Frankie Ray works hard to improve academics


Things are going good at Frankie Ray Jackson Sr. Technical Center.

Frankie Ray Jackson’s SPS score is 7th in the state. They are 1st in the state in the dropout credit accumulation index. They are 3rd in the state on the assessment index for end of course exams. They are 1st in the state on strength of diploma, cohort graduation rate index, and cohort graduation rate.

“I’m extremely proud of our school and our students,” said Principal Bobby Benjamin.

Benjamin and several of his students visited with the Natchitoches Parish School Board to let the members know why “school is cool.”

“The teachers care and love the students and they really show us that they care and I appreciate everything they’ve helped me on to progress in my schooling,” said Ontario Vaughn-School President.

LaBraisha Forrest also spoke to the Board. She is a High Flyer, which is a student who is honored during a month of the school year for the good work they’re doing.

“You get to work at your own pace,” she said. “When you ask your teacher for help they give you one-on-one assistance. I have learned a lot at this school. I left Natchitoches Central with 2.5 credits and now I have 8. I have made a lot of progress in my education.”

This also the first year the school has had a dance line team and several of the members were also present.

“I appreciate everything Bobby has done over there and I appreciate the students we have,” said Superintendent Dale Skinner. “Not many people could handle the situation over there like he does and I’m proud of him and the good students we have there that are accomplishing their goals, staying out of trouble and staying in school.”

FRJ Sr Tech Center