NCHS will look for new Head Football Coach

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Superintendent Dale Skinner confirmed that Natchitoches Central High School’s Head Football Coach Coach Tommy Moore, was released from his coaching duties. He will continue to teach at the school. Skinner said this decision was in the best interests of the football program and that they’re looking to take things in a different direction. A new Head Coach will be hired and he will assess the program and its staff.


6 thoughts on “NCHS will look for new Head Football Coach

  1. If he don’t get it right it just might be time to release Dale Skinner and find someone else to take us in a different direction.

  2. There’s no reason for NCHS football to be in the shape that it’s in. Cieslak did a good job, but it was time for him to go. However they didn’t get the subsequent hire right… they wiffed horribly when they hired Bengy Pearce, Brandon Helms was a very likable guy, but the teams were soft… they never got out of the 1st round of playoffs. They brass passed on David Feaster when they hired Helms, and Feaster went to Parkway and had remarkable success, leading them to them Dome 5 years ago. Feaster was on the staff in 95 when NC advanced to the semifinals, so he’s familiar with Natchitoches.

  3. Well, it appears as though there is a desire for change. I am no expert on high school football, but the next head coach faces a harsh reality. There are three schools in the in the 5A district that have spent a whole lot of money to build top notch football programs. They attract a lot of coaches and they have built middle school football programs that teach the fundamentals of the game to the boys. The three programs attract the best high school athletes in the region to their schools.

    Unless the next NCHS coach can attract some excellent coaches who can recruit boys to play, and can relate to the players good enough to get them to show up to play the game, our football program may be stuck in mediocrity for the foreseeable future.

    The community had better get behind this new head coach and help him, his coaches and his players with encouragement and money, or we will be looking for another head coach in three or four years……………….

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