City Bank Travel Club: Christmas in Branson

City Bank Christmas in Branson-2017

City Bank’s Travel Club took a group of 41 to Branson, Missouri Nov. 8-11 to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas. Everyone seemed to have a great time and ate a lot of great food. The travel club guides were Wavy Wagley and Kenny and Charlotte Thomas. The bus was provided by Red River Coach and the driver was Keith Johnson.

The people who attended the trip included: Ann Henry, Nona Bobo, Kay Henry, Melba Ackel, Bonnie Lonkar, Tynes Hildebrand, Edna Smith, Julia Hildebrand, Mike Murphy, Harold Faust, Pat Murphy, Elaine Faust, Elizabeth Madden, Gwen Lott, Sandra Bradley, Liz Dalton, Beth Windham, Sue Champion, Ethelene Bright, Polly Eversull, Dwane Murphy, Dot Carley, Cecile Murphy, Jane Hall, Linda Moore, Hurst Hall, Edley Guidry, Helen Graham, Glenda Long, Helen Mayeux, Sonny Evans, Libby Kirkland, Evelyn Evans, Norma Hart, and Patty Walker. Guides were Wavy Wagley, John McTyre, Kenny Thomas, Mildred McTyre and Charlotte Thomas.

The group enjoyed attending the following shows: The Dutton Family Christmas Show, The Irish Tenors and Celtic Ladies, Andy Williams Varity Show, Christmas Wonderland, The Hughes Family Christmas Show, and Miracle of Christmas at The Sight and Sounds Theater.

City Bank has had a Travel Club for a number of years. Letters are sent out to those expressing an interest to travel. If you are interested in being added to the travel club list contact City Bank at 352-4416 and ask for Wavy or Kenny.