NHDDC gets update on City branding initiative

NHDDC 11-16-17

The Natchitoches Historic District Development Commission met at the Grand Ecore Visitors Center Nov. 16. The Natchitoches Branding Initiative is in progress and the discovery/research phase was wrapped up Nov. 17.

The Graham Group is working with the NHDDC and the City on this branding project and they received over 300 responses from residents, stakeholders and visitors. This will help them develop a well rounded voice for what people think of Natchitoches now and what they want it to be in the future.

They will move into the “define” phase next, which will look at crime statistics, infrastructure needs, and look at where natchitoches should be versus who residents and tourists think the City is.

The development phase will come last and will determine a new logo and colors. This should be completed by mid to late January.

The initiative is on schedule and the next big things will be the story and physical attributes for the new brand.


2 thoughts on “NHDDC gets update on City branding initiative

  1. Infrastructure modernization is desperately needed, especially the water system. It’s not a positive selling point when citizens get boil water notices and visitors comment on the unpleasant odor and taste. As one visitor told me, “bath with it but don’t drink it.” In my opinion, good, safe, drinkable water is priority one. We don’t live in Bangladesh.

  2. can think of quite a few branding points as a resident.lousy roads,only selling point is Front street and river bank that you have to pay to get to being its a public street,not a lot of job opportunities,no really good places to eat unless
    you can afford Front street.the list goes on and on …..

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