Super Junior Ranger Aida Frey Visits Natchitoches

AAida Frey_2379.jpg
Kevin’s Gallery
Aida Frey of the Chicago area reached a major milestone in her 7 year and 45 state endeavor to earn a Junior Ranger Badge at every National Park Saturday, Nov. 18. She earned her 300th badge at the Cane River Creole National Park, and started on the next leg of her journey with her 301st Junior Ranger Badge at the National Center for Preservation and Technology Training in Natchitoches.

Frey attended a reception held in her honor at the National Center for Preservation and Technology Training (NCPTT) building on the NSU campus. Officials from the National Park Service presented her with her 300th Junior Ranger Badge and a variety of souvenirs. She is not resting on her laurels, while at the NCPTT, she earned her 301st Junior Ranger badge after touring the center’s facilities. This also marked the first Junior Ranger Badge awarded by the NCPTT. The NCPTT has also recently installed a cancellation station for the Passport to the National Parks program. Natchitoches Parish Journal writer Kevin Shannahan’s Passport to the National Parks was the 1st to be stamped, with Architectural Conservator Sarah Jackson doing the honors.

The Natchitoches Parish Journal wishes Aida Frey safe travels as she continues her quest to visit every National Park in our great nation!