NCHS gets new Head Coach: Byron Keller

Byron Keller

Natchitoches Central High School’s Principal, Bill Gordy, announced Tuesday, Nov. 28, Byron Keller was hired as NCHS’ new Head Football Coach. Keller comes from Lakeview where he coached football.

“We were looking for someone who was strong and disciplined,” said Gordy.  “A coach who will bring new features to the programs.  We wanted something we haven’t had in the past and we’re looking forward to playing some good smash mouth football in the future.”


11 thoughts on “NCHS gets new Head Coach: Byron Keller

  1. Just another example of the lack of commitment from the Superintendent, Natchitoches Parish School Board and the Principal of NCHS. This will be the forth time in the last 12 years that they (administrators) have had the chance to right the ship for NC Football. You’ve had top quality coaches from around the state apply for this job (when it’s been opened up) who have ALL been turned away. Coaches like Sam Goodwin, John Bachman, Dennis Dunn just to name a few. Who pays the price for the lack of concern and commitment? The players and students of Natchitoches Central. It’s a travesty that our administrators continue to put our kids in no win situations simply because they won’t hire a quality head coach with the experience to turn a program around and build a winner. If the administration had to suit up on Friday nights and take the butt whippings….I bet their attitudes would be different.

  2. Keller will be a good hire. He will put some discipline in the program. He will back his assistants. He will deal expediently with discipline issues and remove problems. He will get NCHS headed in the right direction if he can get support.

    Give the guy a chance

  3. You couldn’t be more correct. I have been a friend of Byron for many years. He will run the program in the correct manner if he is supported. Get behind him and support the chiefs. It would be great for NC to get back to being a respected program in 5A.

  4. Not exactly appropriate wording considering the arrest of a coach who allegedly assaulted a player just a few weeks ago…..surely an educated man could have worded it differently don’t you think??

  5. This new coach faces an uphill battle. NCHS will never be able to compete at the current classification! Smash mouth football, Gordy! Really? You just had an excellent coach charged with assault for pulling on a players jersey and removing his helmet! REALLY?

  6. NCHS has hired a fine young man who is dedicated, hard working and intelligent. For the doubters, look at the condition Lakeview was in before Byron took over and where it is now. Definite improvement. I am biased because I coached Byron at St. James and he worked with me as well. You are lucky to have someone like Byron take over your program. Get to know him and get behind him. The Chiefs will be ready to roll.

  7. 1 win 19 lost’s in two years this is the best yall could come up with.

    • I realize you obviously don’t like Gordy, but you do know that the term “smash mouth football” is a widely used term describing a style of play that has been around since the early days of football right?

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