NSU writers: Not Such A Failure

By A’Mari Parker, NSU student

A’Mari Parker

As the fourth quarter ticks away, Sunni’s fight dies. “I’m tired coach, take me out” she screams across the court. Coach Ag refuses; he is determined to make Sunni push even harder. Ruston High School is down by two. “10. 9. 8. 7…” the crowd chants as Sunni receives the ball. She turns to the goal and fires off a three pointer.

“Ahhh, straight net” the team yells, running out to the middle of the court.

Ruston High wins with a final score of 59:58. As she sat and talked to her team, Sunni realized no one guarded her because no one had faith that she could make that shot. Even though she failed at three pointer shots in the past, she was not going to let that stop her from winning this big game.

Sunkietra “Sunni” McCallister is a friend and former teammate of mine.

We played basketball together at Ruston High School. For the most part, high school was a breeze. As Sunni’s senior year came to an end, it was time for her to pick a college. Her first choice was Northwestern, but because of previous mistakes she was forced to settle with a junior college. Most people say junior colleges are not good schools and that it is best to attend a four year university.

Settling at Arkansas Baptist is one of the best choices Sunni ever made. At Arkansas Baptist she joined the track and field team. She was heartbroken when she found out she was ineligible to run her first year of college. Sunni was tired of the long practices because she could not compete and show her talent. She quit and joined their basketball team. At the end of the season she realized her heart was set on track and field.

Luckily, at the beginning of Spring 2016 the track and field coach welcomed her back with open arms. Sunni attended a huge meet in Fayetteville, Arkansas as soon as she rejoined the team. Even though she was nervous about her first college track meet, she set her mind on winning. She performed so well that she was offered a scholarship to run for the University of Arkansas. This was a dream come true. All the junior college lessons seemed to be paying off.
“In this world full of obstacles you have to push through the rough times and stay optimistic. It’s life,” she says.

Source: McCallister, Sunkietra. Personal interview. 4 Oct. 2017.