NSU Writers: I Believe in Music

By Alex Harris, NSU Student


Genres grow and change every day and people compete to throw out the next big thing. Out of everything in this world, how has music managed to be such a huge aspect? How can it have so many influences on life? The answer is simple, people connect to it. I believe music is powerful and has a way of influencing a person’s mood. I remember there were times when I thought my world was going to crumble until I heard a song that somehow managed to make everything seemingly disappear.

I had to go through many hard times while growing up. One memory is when my parents got a divorce. It was especially hard because I was so young and I didn’t really understand how to handle it. I was alone, upset, and utterly confused most of the time but I always had something to take my mind off of things. I would think of the songs my mother and I would sing while riding around in the car, care free and dancing to the beat of the music even though we couldn’t move to the rhythm. Those memories brought me back to a better place and allowed me to get through not having my mother around.

Music also helps me feel strong. It keeps me going during workouts when I feel like I cannot move another inch. I even use certain music to my advantage, like when I used it during Taekwondo. It tied my forms together or sometimes even motivated me to push myself harder. I believe that music can push me to never give up. There is just something about the beat that motivates me to keep going,

For me, music has always been a way of expression. Sadly, I get a lot of comments, especially when my dad would get in my car and hear what station I left the radio on. He would always ask, “Why do you listen to that mess?” He never realizes that I can relate to what the songs are talking about. I can understand more from a song than things I read or see on television. They stick with me and remind me that there are good times hidden behind the dark.

I believe that music is powerful. It sends messages not only to my mind but to my heart. It breaks down meanings that are lost in the aspect of life. It opens up new doors for adventure. I never wanted to get up in front of people and be my true self so I hid in the corner with my head down. Now that I’ve been exposed to several genres, I’m more adventurous and feel free. I feel the beat coursing through my body and I move with the rhythm as the song plays. I get lost in my own head to where I don’t even care who’s watching.

Music has been the answer to so many things for so many years. Music brings people together no matter what their personal life is or backgrounds they come from. I’ve come to know several different people just by playing music or listening to the songs they decided to play even if it was on accident. I just hear something and instantly want to say, “Oh I love that song” or “Who’s the artist so I can listen to it later?” I’ll walk around and sing it with the people that first introduced me to it and we start throwing out new songs. I believe that music is powerful because it’s universal. All I had to do is have an open mind and a free ear to get exposed to so many different things music has to offer, and also what life holds.


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