Blue Bell the Christmas Miracle: Dog survives fiery crash and 32 days in the wild, will reunite with family

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On the day before Thanksgiving, Nov. 22, 2017, a truck had a tire blow out on I-49 near Natchitoches. The truck veered off the road, striking a tree and catching on fire. The driver was ejected and left with emergency personnel claiming moderate injuries. The passenger was killed along with one of two Great Danes.

The surviving great dane, Blue Bell, attempted to protect her owner by growling at first responders. She spooked and ran away from the scene of the accident.

The driver succumbed to her injuries two days after the accident. People began to search for Blue Bell…and searched…and searched. Multiple possible sitings turned up dead ends. The family was heartbroken each time.

Nothing was seen or heard of for a while…until Dec. 23. Over 1 month since the horrific accident, someone posted on social media that they saw Blue Bell. Then someone posted a video!

Save Rocky the Great Dane Rescue and Rehab (SRGDRR), a 501c3 Non Profit Organization out of Bullard, Texas, was notified and immediately jumped into action. Blue Bell was spotted less than 1/2 mile from the accident scene. She was seen going under an old abandoned house with junk piled up all around it, a very dangerous area.

A SRGDRR volunteer was called into the area. After a 2-hour drive, the volunteer met with a resident who’d spotted her along with a Natchitoches Parish Deputy for safety reasons. It was now dark outside. Another resident brought fried chicken strips: Blue Bell’s favorite treat.

Blue Bell was under an abandoned and overgrown house, trying to stay warm in 30 degree weather. She’d already survived an ice storm for two days and multiple heavy rain storms.

She was so hungry, within 15 minutes they were able to get a leash clipped on her collar, which had about 8 inches between it and her neck she’d lost so much weight.

A full escort to the emergency vet was provided. Her back leg was mauled, crushed and broken. She was skin and bones, dehydrated and very weak. Blue Bell, a 2-year-old large great dane weighed in at only 73 lbs.

“We were crying for her,” said one rescuer. “She was confused because even though she’d been through all of this, she wasn’t broken. She approached for pets and for treats. She was happy to be warm and with people.”

Blue Bell is a FIGHTER! She has a very long road ahead of her before she goes home to her family, who has lost three family members. The vet says she will need major surgery once she gains weight and energy and they clear the infection.

A group of concerned citizens banded together to help this family. SRGDRR is running a fundraiser because Blue Bell will need lots and lots of care and it will cost a lot of money. We don’t want this family that has lost so much during these holidays to have the stress of a financial burden. If you would like to give by Paypal, our paypal is and please please notate for BlueBelle. Your donations are tax deductible and very much appreciated (Tax ID 47-0980038). Donation link at bottom of story.

The following folks jumped into action:

SRGDRR Founder and President, Amy Rainoshek
SRGDRR Admin Volunteer, Dawn Hussey located in Michigan
Volunteer Erin Richard from Kinder
Karen Ford
Paul Cormane Jr.
NPSO Deputies Mary Gallien
Damion Spillman
Carey Carruth Hamblin

This is a true Christmas Miracle and those who volunteered said they are just thankful to have been a part of this amazing story!



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