A Modern Guide to Building a Better Business



As business technology trends change, so must your ideas on how you run your business.

Jesse Poole, President/CEO of Boost Circuit Inc., wrote “The Boost Circuit: A Modern Guide to Building a Better Business.”

“I’ve experienced this evolution first hand,” said Poole. “I’ve kept up with social media, the state of the Internet, leaps and bounds in technology, and how businesses have utilized the Internet and are taking their digital presence to the next level.”

If you’ve been lost on how to modernize your business through better branding, proper marketing, and gaining an insight on understanding what the next generation of consumers will expect out of you and your business, this guide is for you. This guide can help entrepreneurs and business owners take advantage of the digital age of marketing, branding, and design that has hindered businesses in the past that didn’t have the luxury of the internet, social media, and access to a plethora of knowledge, insight, guidance, and tools that when utilized; can lead to success.

“Anyone can build a website and create a social media page,” said Jesse. “Not everyone can build a digital presence that delivers results. That takes time, patience, and practice.”

Boost Circuit is a full service media, entertainment, and digital marketing solutions company that owns and operates digital, mobile, video, and social media properties focused on small to mid-sized markets. The company specializes in the now; creating and distributing original and motivating media experiences that connect communities with the content they love, people they trust, products and services they want, and things that matter.

To learn more visit: www.boostcircuitinc.com

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