Residents asked to bear with low pressure until water tanks can replenish

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With multiple reports of low pressure throughout the City, Utility Director Charles Brossette asks residents to bear with it until the weather starts to warm up and the water supply tanks throughout the City have a chance to replenish.

With the recent cold weather, everyone has their faucets cracked. Tuesday night, Jan. 2, three main water lines broke on the NSU campus. They were fixed today, Jan. 3, but the breaks drained the water storage tanks throughout the City. There are about seven ground storage and elevated tanks where water is stored to provide pressure and for emergencies.

There were also 3-4 breaks Jan. 3 in the City limits and some back flow preventers have frozen, causing leaks.

City employees have been working on it all Tuesday night and Wednesday. They’re trying to upkeep the supply to major industries, the hospital and the smaller municipalities such as Clarence.

As the weather warms up, the number of residences that are leaving faucets dripping will decrease and the tanks will have time to fill back up. Brossette recommends that residents let their faucets drip slightly instead of running them wide open. The system should be able to get ahead by Thursday evening. Wednesday night is supposed to be the last hard freeze for the area and the water pressure should get better in a couple days, according to Brossette.


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