Teacher seeks help purchasing computers for an engaging Math classroom


Students in Raquel Wheeler’s 6th-8th grade math classes at the Frankie Ray Jackson, Senior Technical Center are in need of five Samsung Chromebook laptop computers for learning at their math stations.

Wheeler teaches 6th-8th grade math and high school Algebra I to multi-age students. Many of the students at FRJSTC are low performing and the faculty strives to decrease the gap between where they are and where they need to be. Wheeler says her students learn best when they are fully engaged through math stations.

“My students have the desire to excel and making Chromebooks available creates more opportunities to push them beyond the traditional classroom setting,” she said.

Currently, her classroom doesn’t have any technology to add to engagement in learning. There’s a computer lab on campus that is shared with 100+ students daily. This means there’s limited access to technology on a daily basis.

“The five Samsung Chromebooks I’m requesting help to purchase will be used daily to allow students to get connected through technology at their math workstations,” said Wheeler. “The addition of the Chromebooks to my classroom will allow for low performing students to get the additional remediation needed. My higher performing students will also benefit from the enrichment that is provided through their usage.”

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