Louisiana State Police Welcomes 27 New Troopers as Cadet Class 96 Graduates

Troop E 2018

Louisiana State Police announced the graduation of its 96th Cadet Class on Jan. 5. Twenty-seven individuals completed their journey to becoming a Louisiana State Trooper. Graduation ceremonies were held at the Louisiana State Police Training Academy and the BREC Independence Park Theatre and Cultural Center in Baton Rouge. Two new Troopers, Brian LaBorde and Trevor Blanchard, joined Troop E in Alexandria, which patrols Natchitoches Parish, along with nine other parishes in central Louisiana.

On Aug. 20, 2016, 36 Cadets from across the state began their 20 week journey through the Louisiana State Police Training Academy. Throughout the academy, Cadets received training in various subjects including crash investigation, emergency vehicle operations, impaired driving detection, traffic incident management, and leadership in addition to a rigorous physical training regimen. Surrounded by family, friends, and fellow Troopers, 27 of those Cadets reached their goal this morning of receiving the gold boot badge of the Louisiana State Police. Having successfully completed the LSP Training Academy, the newly graduated Troopers will deploy across the state where they will participate in a 10-14 week field training program while supervised by a senior Louisiana State Trooper.

For more information on the process of becoming a Louisiana State Trooper please visit our recruiting page at http://lsp.org/recruit.html or contact your local LSP Public Information Officer at http://lsp.org/public.html.

The Louisiana State Police Commission is currently accepting applications. For more information on Cadet testing, visit the Louisiana State Police Commission website at http://laspc.dps.louisiana.gov/laspc.nsf. Cadet Class 97 is currently in process at the Training Academy. Approximately 36 Cadets are in their 10th week of training, and are tentatively scheduled to graduate in March.

The following is a list of graduates and their Troop assignments:

Troop A – Baton Rouge
Benjamin Friedmann
Jeffrey Martin

Troop B – Kenner
Scot Greig
Sean LeBoeuf
Jacob Pucheu
Jacob Tolpi

Troop C – Gray
Ryan Anderson
Jamon Green
Kelli LeBlanc
Michael Milstead

Troop D – Lake Charles
Ethan Kebodeaux
Randy Walters
Landry Willis
Aubin Young

Troop E – Alexandria (PICTURED ABOVE)
Trevor Blanchard
Brian LaBorde

Troop F – Monroe
George Harper
Jason Henson

Troop G – Bossier City
Colton Derrick
Melissa George
Michael Martinez
Matthew Moore

Troop I – Lafayette
Travis Blanchard
Cecil Montet
Andre Sigure
Nathan Vanya

Troop L – Mandeville
Andre Bezou