Lakeview student sworn into U.S. Air Force, family expresses its pride

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Michael “Dylan” Wright graduated from Lakeview High School in May 2017. He completed 4 years of AFJROTC under the direction of Major Kellogg and TSgt Minchew. He was determined to get all four years in, even though he could have graduated early. He came back one more semester to finish out his final JROTC Credit.


He decided to enlist during his junior year, but had not decided when at that time. During his senior year he talked more and more with the recruiter and decided the Air Force was where he wanted to be. Having a long line of Air Force family members and their positive words helped him finalize his decision. His love of computers and high intelligence level helped him earn a high score on the ASVAB test. He will attend tech school for cyber security upon completion of basic training.

Major Kellogg and his wife Cindy met up with Dylan’s family at MEPS in Shreveport Jan. 2 for his final swearing in.

“We are so grateful that Major Kellogg was able to conduct his swearing in and be there for one last word of encouragement,” said Dylan’s mother Alyssa. “It was a special moment we will always cherish.”

Dylan’s family is very proud of him. However, they didn’t really know what to expect. Dylan has never really gone anywhere that wasn’t a phone call away.

“At first it was like he was going to camp and we would see him later,” said Alyssa. “So when he texted that he had made it to San Antonio and this would be his last text until we can see him again in February, it started to really sink in. Now is when we really have to just trust in God. We know God has him in his hands and will protect him. We know he will come back older and wiser in the few short weeks he will be gone. But this is the path God chose for him and we are overwhelming proud to know Dylan is following that path.”

Alyssa said the hardest part is knowing they can’t just jump in the car and give him a hug and send him on his way. A friend reminded her that children are only on loan to us from God. We have them for a little while and then they are grown.

“We find our comfort and peace in knowing Dylan knows the Lord as his savior and will learn to lean on God when he needs a helping hand,” she said. “He has a huge group praying for him here in Natchitoches and Campti, as well as Texas, Arkansas and New York. We are looking forward to that first letter or phone call or whatever we get at this point.”

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding; think about Him in all your ways, and He will guide you on the right paths.”

Proverbs 3:5-6 HCSB



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  1. Congratulations to Dylan!!! I know his parents are so proud. They are a beautiful, Christian family that I adore.

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