Ponderings with Doug – January 12, 2018


There is a football monster in my life.

When I married, my bride knew nothing about football. She knew it was played in the fall of the year and had some relationship to High Schools, Colleges and cities. She knew nothing of strategy or rules.

I never intended to make her into a football fan.
The seed was planted when our daughter played in the High School band. We were fans of Central High School in Baton Rouge. At Central her attention was divided between looking for the kid in the band and watching the football game. The band was glorious.
The football was good too.

When Allison went to LSU mom started watching college football. She was and is an LSU fan. When LSU was behind our daughter would call and make sure mom was NOT watching the game. While being an LSU fan, for some reason our kids saw her as a jinx. So to turn the tide for the Tigers, mom was asked to stop watching the game on TV and go work on the computer. That has slowed down some but it is still done. If only Les Miles knew about her jinxing power, he could have sent her to the computer and won more games.

We enjoy NSU games. In Turpin Stadium, my bride wants to know where the “yellow line is.” If you don’t know about the yellow line, ask a football junkie and watch them roll their eyes. I have also been forced to explain some of the rules of football to her. The most complex problem is explaining the concept of declining a penalty. If the team did something wrong they should be forced to endure the consequence of the penalty. In her early estimation, declining a penalty is wrong. I think I have finally overcome that barrier.

We have debated pass interference and defensive holding. We have philosophized about sideline warnings and substitution violations. This year we turned our attention to illegal formations and ineligible receivers. We have covered it all.

I knew I had created a monster, when Bama started out against Georgia. Now that she understands football, she makes noises. She makes yelling noises when the play is good and grunting sounds when things are going well. Monday night she wanted to know why Bama was not blitzing and why Jalen Hurts was not throwing the ball down the middle to open up the perimeter rushing attack. She wanted to know why the bubble screens and the jet sweeps were not called. She even wondered where Lane Kiffin was.

She was dogging the defense and wondering who was calling the offense. Bama couldn’t get near the yellow line for most of the first half. It was miserable watching the football game with this now rabid football fan.

On the final scoring play, she said, “Did you see that? They were in cover two and he looked the safety off keeping him on the hash. It was amazing.”

I simply replied, “Roll Tide.”

I write that in honor of the few Alabama fans that live in exile in this Tiger and Demon loving world. She has grown in her understanding of football. The more she understands the more she enjoys it. The more she enjoys it, the more vocal she becomes. We are going to work on the screaming-wife-on third-down issue.

Where are you growing? Do you still study? Is there a proficiency you are mastering? Are you learning something new? These questions apply to all of life, but especially to your faith walk. Do you continue to grow in grace?