Like Sylvia Morrow, Board Members Miss Lots of Meetings, Don’t Give Written Financial Reports

By Edwin Crayton

Although Sylvia Morrow has resigned as treasurer of the Natchitoches Community Foundation (NCIF), the simple truth is other board members of NCIF are still guilty of committing many of her habits themselves. For instance, Ms. Morrow didn’t give written financial reports and at the January 8, 2018 meeting where she sent in her letter of resignation, Secretary Mildred Joseph gave a verbal report of financial information instead of a written one, just as Morrow used to do. Additionally, Morrow missed half the quarterly meetings in 2017 and sure enough that night the board discussed the problem of board members not showing up for meetings. Chairman Leo Walker warned the group that too many absences would result in their removal.

To be sure, NCIF has made some positive changes since Judge Eric Harrington mandated they make changes. But sloppy handling of foundation business is still quite routine and threatens to create bigger problems for the public seeking grants and scholarships. For instance, at the January meeting, the board admitted losing the paperwork of an applicant who was seeking a grant. To make matters even thornier, the applicant was actually present at the meeting and watched as the board struggled and debated amongst themselves awkwardly and uncomfortably about how to handle the situation. And God knows, they must handle it, when you consider the implications. Imagine sending in an application for a grant or scholarship and not knowing whether you were rejected because you didn’t qualify, or perhaps, it was just because they lost your paperwork.


10 thoughts on “Like Sylvia Morrow, Board Members Miss Lots of Meetings, Don’t Give Written Financial Reports

  1. If this short report is indicative of the way business is handled (and we all know it is) by the NCIF it would serve as a prima facie case for the dismissal of the entire board. Any possible criminal prosecution would of course be up to the district attorney.

  2. I’m sure once the person that had their grant application mishandled, by this negligent board, wins and receives his or her just settlement, the coffers of the NCIF will be depleted. Those officers guilty of negligence, biases, incompetence and or theft should be held liable in civil court as well. Filling a seat on the board of some commission should not be taken lightly. It should be done with a sense of servitude to the greater good of the purpose of the community. Not with a sense of elevated status but with humility. Malfeasance is misconduct in office and is an illegal act. Public officials should be held to a higher standard, above reproach, not above the law. What do you think should be done? A full audit by the proper authority or just move on? Should a person be able to hold a seat on a board if they are not qualified for the job? Does it matter if a treasurer cannot fulfill the duties of the office because of inability or neglect? Should the board allow the treasurer to continue holding the office if the job performance is inadequate and below the standard for such a position? Should the treasurer be removed from office by the board if the duties are not being fulfilled and is it not their responsibility to do so? I’m wondering what Judge Harrington is thinking about the NCIF. Just sayin’ er askin’.

  3. NCIF,city council all one huge joke hell I bet it is easier and safer to give
    a “verbal ” financial account no real documentation.I would hope more of you
    crooked people resign and let honest people in.
    If I was in charge I would have someone taking notes and time,a video
    of each meeting and make people be accountable and not just say oops were missing money .

  4. If I had all the facts and data I’d gladly run the gamut on reporting them to the right agencies to investigate. Anyone that has the facts fell free to contact me and send them my way. I posted instructions on how to report in the last comment thread, and understand why folks may be apprehensive to take action. This is intolerable and I am more than willing to step up and file it for action.

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