Natchitoches man arrested for tampering with over the counter medication at Walmart


Natchitoches Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force agents, assisted by Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office High Tech Crime Unit detectives arrested Maurice Bobb, 32 of Natchitoches, on Jan. 8 for tampering with an over the counter medicine at a local retail store.

The NMJDTF received a complaint on Dec. 30 from a concerned citizen who found an unknown substance inside an Aleve bottle purchased from Wal-Mart in Natchitoches. NMJDTF agents collected the Aleve bottle, which contained capsules filled with an unknown brown substance. Other NMJDTF agents searched all Aleve over the counter products at Walmart. One other bottle of Aleve showed signs of tampering and the same capsules were found inside.

Video surveillance showed a subject, later identified as Bobb, buying five boxes of Aleve and returning the items the next day. Detectives were able to identify the suspect and the vehicle seen in the surveillance video.

The suspect was detained while leaving his residence. A search uncovered a Spring Valley dietary supplement named Cayenne used for metabolism support, which contained the identical capsules found inside the Aleve bottles. Bobb cooperated fully with detectives and advised he did in fact place the Cayenne capsules inside the Aleve bottles and returned the items for cash. All capsules are being sent to the crime lab for analysis.

Maurice Bobb was arrested and charged with the following charges:

1 count Theft by fraud
1 count Mingling harmful substances
1 count Criminal Mischief
2 counts Bench warrant failure to appear

NMJDTF agents urge citizens to make sure that all safety seals on over the counter medications are properly sealed prior to use. Any safety seals that are broken should be returned to the store immediately. If there is any evidence of foul play such as unknown substances inside packaging please contact local law enforcement.

The Natchitoches Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force would like to thank the Citizens of Natchitoches for their support. Many times an investigation begins with a simple phone call or tip from a concerned citizen. For this reason the Task Force encourages all citizens to report any crimes in their neighborhoods anonymously by calling 318-357-2248, The Natchitoches Police Department, or the Natchitoches Parish Sheriffs Office.


4 thoughts on “Natchitoches man arrested for tampering with over the counter medication at Walmart

  1. He just stupid and so is Walmart. Any time you walk out the store with any kind of meds they are not to refund any money back.

  2. And so, What was the purpose of tampering with the Aleve in Wal-Mart ? Some people just watch too much T.V.,or maybe they just have too much time on their hands.

  3. And his reason for placing the substance in the bottles was? Wow that really took some brain power to come up with this idea. All to get some cash back on a few bottles of Aleve. This guy was on a fast tract to the big time crime syndicates. Lol.

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