School Board to vote on superintendent pay raise and contract extension at next month’s meeting

School Board Jan 18_9802

The Natchitoches Parish School Board went into executive session before it adjourned Thursday evening, Jan. 18. The agenda item up for discussion was a Superintendent review and a review of the contract extension and compensation.

Other agenda items included:

  • Receive update on the Public Retirement Systems Actuarial Committee new recommended employer contribution rates.
  • Teachers’ Retirement will increase from 26.6% to 26.7%
  • Louisiana School Employees Retirement System will increase from 27.6% to 28%
  • While these increased aren’t as large as what was originally proposed, it will still impact the NPSB budget-wise.

“This is a direct impingement in our budget that we have no control over,” said Board member Mike Hilton.

An agenda item to discuss the framework for the reorganization of schools per grades for next year was tabled until February’s meeting, as well as the final vote on increasing the superintendent salary and extending Superintendent Dale Skinner’s contract for 2 years.


22 thoughts on “School Board to vote on superintendent pay raise and contract extension at next month’s meeting

  1. Oh yes, I forgot. How can you justify a raise when so many teachers have either had to retire, go somewhere else or be let go. And if these so called Master teachers are so masterly, why aren’t they in the classroom instead of giving the teachers who are trying to do their best a hard time.

    • I would like to know if the Board President, Ralph Wilson, has a high school diplom. I have done some research and can’t seem to find out if he even graduated high school.

  2. I have a couple of questions and concerns. First of all how and why is he allowed to serve as Superintendent here in Natchitoches Parish and be on the School Board in Sabine Parish. Why doesn’t the Superintendent have to be a resident of the parish he serves just like he has to be a resident of the parish that he serves on for the School Board. Also, why not invest some money into supplies and books for the students. What is this about that the students have copies that have been run off instead of actual books. And all these lists of school supplies that have to be sent to the schools. Invest some of the so called pay raise that you want to give Skinner and give it to the schools and teachers who have to go into their pockets to buy supplies. I was also on the committee that suggested a State audit. How can you be over 5 million in the red one month and two months later have a balanced budget. Just some things to think about.

  3. if the school board will remember when considering a raise for Mr.Skinner
    think back to November 11,2016 when he used the schools parents phone list,to Robocall parents about voting on a bond initiative.I do believe that
    was illegal .

  4. Honestly,
    How can anyone rule in favor of his raise?? All the employees who were cut, a community lost a school and students are being handed copied prints from the books instead of hard books. And a raise for the super?? No,No,No…
    So many employees at the Central Office are scamming, lying, most just collecting a check. So many things such as harassment are just being pushed under the rug, when promised the situation would be dealt with.. Employees who actually work and dedicated get treated unfairly or get the boot. Our community needs to step forward and take care of these people making these important decisions that effect our children and future!!!

    And no I’m not mad about not having my job anymore. I’ve moved on to bigger and better things..

  5. If enpugh people vall tje State auditors office and request an audit things will change. We cant rely on the board to clear this up. Call 1-225-339-3800. CALLS ARE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL !

  6. Unbelievable that anyone would even consider giving him a raise. Ask him about putting librarians back in the libraries, or music teachers back in our schools. How about P.E. for our elementary students? Ah, but let’s not as they would get a brush off and a look as if to say, “Peon, what do you know?”

  7. We cut 30 teachers this year, discontinued music programs, threatened to cut teachers bonus checks, are still trying to close schools, keep trying to add tax mills, all because we are in a financial crisis….and HE wants a RAISE???? If you are alarmed by this let your rep know how you will cast your vote if they vote for this!

  8. Anyone who would sell out the kids in order to get a couple of votes should not be a Superintendent!!!! Period. Needs to retire and ride off back to Sabine Parish never to return to Natchitoches. I want someone who actually cares about all students and teachers in the parish and will make sure qualified personnel are hired who can do the job and put our kids in a position to be successful.

  9. We don’t need that idiot any more anybody who sends kids kids to school in 12 degree weather with snow on ground and on buses that are falling apart and no heat.

  10. He does not deserve a pay raise. He has not done anything for his teachers in the parish. He has been rude not only towards his teachers and staff but towards the community of parents, schools, and ultimately students. He has not been to schools to see their true conditions. He has not made resources available for lower economic schools. He has not reached out to teachers to see what we need to be more successful. He has not reached out to the parents of the community to find out their concerns and questions. He has hurt our students academically by allowing the curriculum teams to dumb down the curriculum; has has expected low expectations of the students. He has hurt our students by limiting the amount of at home practice they get with their work by telling teachers we cannot send specific types of homework home. He has show a major preference for schools with majority white staff and academically excelling schools. He has been rude to teachers, staff, and the community of Natchitoches parents. He talks down to people, talking at them and not with them. He brushes questions and concerns off that are offered to him from teachers, staff, and parents. He does not deserve to have his contract extended nor a pay raise. We are already paying him too much to be doing absolutely nothing for us. One person above commented that we have great schools, so he should get a raise…NOT TRUE! I am not saying that we do not have great schools but we do have struggling schools, which he has done nothing about to improve. Also, the great schools that we have are not because of him but because of the teachers and staff who work day and night to promote the education and improvement of our students; the parents who cooperate with teachers and students to help their children as students; and the students who work so hard in the classrooms. Everything that does make Natchitoches Parish School System great has all of nothing to do with Dale Skinner. We deserve better from our superintendent!

    • Steve, he doesn’t deserve a pay raise because the teachers, support staff, etc have not had a raise in 10 years. Why would you try to justify giving him a raise and not the ones who are actually doing the work for our children? He is already making over $100,000 a year. Our teachers make $39,000- 49,000 a year. Support staff makes $10,000-$18,000 a year. Once you deduct the benefits, medical insurance, taxes, etc. some of them actually bring home $300-$800 a month. If you hire a plumber to come fix your plumbing, would you give his secretary the money for just making the appointment and not doing the actual work?

      • Agree. How can the board justify a raise when the system is 5 million in the red! The NPSB is requesting a tax increase while raising his salary? NO PAY RAISE :NO TAX INCREASE. The whole system needs to be audited by the Louisana State auditors for transparency and to save 100k on a local audit. Please call the auditors office at 1-225-339-3800 and ask for an audit.

      • I thought i was clear that the system is 5 mil in the red. I, along with others, served on a Committee to look for ways to save money and present ideas to the board. We recommended to have the state auditors to come and do a free audit to save having to pay for one. We also thought it would provide some transparency for tax payers. I asked the Superintendent Dale Skinner and Ralph Wilson, Board President, in a board meeting full of parents if they had any intentions of honoring that recommendation. I asked three times for a commitment; no response from either.

        We also wanted to know why hundteds of students, were being allowed to cross parish lines , taking mfp funds to other parishes was going to stop. I was told by the Board President that they are not !

        I also noticed that our former Internet provider CP-TEL was not given the contract while they were the lowest bidder. How a provider from West Monroe was given the contract given the Technology support guy was a former employee of the WM provider? I pointed out that CP-TEL had already wired three elementary school and changing would ne added expense.

        I mentioned that the renovation of the Natchitoches Junior High ran 1.5 million over budget. How was this possible? I was never given an answer nor access to the construction proceedures or expenditures ! I contacted one person who was responsible for installimg the A/C for the building. He told me that money was paid to them without taking bids on money over 5 thousand dollars.

        I also wanted to know if money or concessions had been paid to school employees to keep quiet situations pertaining to school employees. I wanted to know how many fully paid principals he had in the parish and what were the standards gir selection of them. I dont believe the parish has one as required by the State Department of Education.

        I was particularly interested in how many lawsuits have been filed against the system, the reasons for the suits and how much was paid out! No answer.

        Some of my concerns among others.

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