All Right Stop. Potato Time!


While Green Acres might be the place to be, we are currently stuck in a Louisiana winter that can’t make up its mind on whether it wants to stay or go. But don’t let the threat of frost hold you back, you can still get started on your potato patch! Kevin Walker continued his gardening seminar at the Natchitoches Parish Library (NPL) this month with “How to Grow Potatoes,” where he shared sweet potato and Irish potato growing tips. Mr. Walker credits his mother with most of his knowledge and his “inherited” green-thumb. He presented his methods of starting potatoes indoors and getting them to begin rooting so that they can go into the ground when the lows are no longer below 60 degrees. He also demonstrated how to cut potatoes that have begun sprouting to be placed in the soil and when to cut the vines and rebury the tips for even more produce. The gardening series is an ongoing program at the NPL, and each aims to target an upcoming planting season.

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