Lakeview hires new head football coach

Brandon Helms

Brandon Helms spent his first day on the job as Lakeview’s new Head Football Coach and Athletic Director Jan. 30.

“It was a busy day with a lot to do,” he said. “I’m excited about this opportunity to build the football program at Lakeview, which is something I’m very interested in.”

Originally from Arkansas, Brandon and his family have lived in Louisiana for 21 years now. He first worked for the Ouachita Parish School System before moving to natchitoches in 2006. He worked at Natchitoches Central High School for 9 years as Head Football Coach. Last year he worked at the Natchitoches Junior High as a teacher and athletic administrator.

The opportunity to coach at a large school like NCHS is what originally brought Helms to Natchitoches. Since then, he and his family have grown to love the town and now consider it their home.

“I want to start building Lakeview’s football program by focusing on the Jr. High first,” said Helms. “I want to be hands on with the players and establish who we are with the younger kids while making the high school program more competitive.”

Helms said he can accomplish this by getting more kids involved and encouraging more community involvement.

“Try to be better tomorrow than we were today,” he said. “I’m committed to seeing this program through. The school has been through a lot of coaches in the last 10 years. I want to see the football program become something the students, players and the school as a whole can take pride in.”