DA announces habitual offender prison sentence in Darrell Small case


Natchitoches– District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington announced Feb. 7 that Darrell Derone Small of Clarence has been sentenced to 22 years in prison by the 10TH Judicial District Court.

Small was convicted in October 2017 of one count of aggravated obstruction of a highway of commerce. The District Attorney’s office filed to have Small be considered as a habitual offender, which was granted by Judge LaLa Sylvester, which enhanced the sentence.

The August 2014 incident to which Small was convicted involved Small intentionally crashing his vehicle into a police vehicle while attempting to evade capture from law enforcement. The crash injured three law enforcement officers who were occupants of the vehicle. At the time of the incident, the United States Marshal Fugitive Task Force was previously notified by Texas authorities that Small was a fugitive from Texas and was in the Natchitoches area.

Assistant District Attorney Loren Lampert prosecuted the case.

“This conviction and sentence are evidence that we recognize the serious dangers that these law enforcement officers faced when enforcing the law to keep our community safe,” stated Lampert.

District Attorney Billy Joe Harrington said “the seriousness of this crime and the risk the defendant posed to the public safety dictated our action in this case. Our law enforcement officers risk their lives every day for our safety and for the benefit of the entire community.”


5 thoughts on “DA announces habitual offender prison sentence in Darrell Small case

  1. Great job!!!!! Now if something would be done with the thieves, drug dealers and other repeat offenders it would be great. Kevin Wood should be first on the list of repeat offenders to be sentenced to Angola. He wouldn’t be there long before someone would hurt or kill him for stealing from them. Give him what he deserves. He’s been arrested in two or three other parishes since he stole my stuff. Is that not considered a repeat offender???

  2. Thanks to the DA’s office for getting tough on the habitual offenders that endanger us all. Long overdue.

  3. God Bless OUR District Attorney for imposing the sentence that he did; however, with no disrespect, this person should be in Angola and NEVER see FREEDOM AGAIN…
    This “person” has proven that he is a person not suited for a society where children are afraid to play in the streets with their friends and our population in general fear their safety from SCUM like this “person”…

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