School Board approves school reorganization, will seek input for implementation

School Board 02-08-18

The majority of the School Board meeting Thursday night, Feb. 8, was spent discussing the approval of the reorganization of schools per grades for next school year.

For more information on the reorganization read the story from Tuesday night’s committee meeting:

NPJ Article 02-07-18

After learning of the School District’s plan to reorganize Weaver, East Natchitoches, LP Vaughn and the Natchitoches Jr. High, parents and community members filled the board room to voice their concerns.

Jason Edwards, director of Durham Bus Services, assured everyone that he doesn’t feel the reorganization would cause a time delay in the bussing of students, or affect the in-town routes in any significant way.

One parent summed it up best when she said the problem lies not with the reorganization itself, but the lack of communication from the school district to the parents and teachers. It seems most people found out about the plan to reorganize the school through social media and text messages late Wednesday evening.

Susan Horne, director of Curriculum and Instruction, said they’ve been looking at this reorganization for 6 years now, but this is the first time they’ve been able to do it. Horne said she is confident the move won’t be disruptive for the students and said the idea was just brought up prior to the meeting to possibly consider staggering school starting times to accommodate parents with children at multiple schools.

Ideas like this are welcome and while the board approved the reorganization plan, Horne assured the crowd that there will be plenty of opportunity for input as to how the plan is carried out.

Scott Stetson spoke as a concerned community member. “This doesn’t affect me,” he said. “But it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t care. It matters to me how it affects my neighbors. We’re a community and we’re in this together.”

Horne said that the curriculum and instruction team that designed the reorganization plan didn’t jump into it lightly. Lots of districts nationwide and statewide are already modeled like this or are moving toward it.

“We will involve you [parents/teachers] along the way as we go through the rest of this process,” she said. “We want to do what’s best for the children in this parish and we believe this reorganization will be beneficial for them.”


2 thoughts on “School Board approves school reorganization, will seek input for implementation

  1. So much to comment on. I’m proud of parents for speaking out regardless of outcome. This demonstrates that the board, like our teachers, are under the accountability microscope. Also how many central office personnel live outside the Parish and therefore can easily become detached from our community values and priorities?? Since our NPSB president thinks the agendas are published by Natchitoches Parish Journal 24 hours ahead of meetings, let’s hold them to that. NPJ will you publish NPSB agendas 24 hrs in advance so parents, teachers, and students can become more informed?

  2. I may be wrong but i believe that this is going to be a difficult transition and result in a loss of students. It sounds great on the organizational level but it dosent factor in the preferential factors.

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